Easy Street (1917)

Easy Street ReviewEasy Street Review

 Easy Street is a 1917 action comedy short film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. It is such an unexpectedly strong, funny entry.
The problem with this entry is that it takes its time to get there owing to a very slow, uneventful first half that lacks strong comedy elements. And you can only do so much with a policeman in terms of humor. But the second half fixed all of that with such a superb humor and many great action moments.
Yes, Easy Street is interesting for being an action film as well and it surprisingly succeeds as most of the action here is either funny or legitimately well executed. The fights were so good, but the humor is also excellent and I smiled a lot and I genuinely felt good watching the film as it is so endearing. And the Tramp here is especially likable, even more so than usual. His role as a policeman is a memorable one and the ending where he becomes a really great cop is so funny and such a satisfying conclusion.
Easy Street is such a funny, endearing Chaplin short which also contains surprisingly good action sequences.
My Rating – 4.3
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