Down Beat Bear (1956)

Down Beat Bear ReviewDown Beat Bear Review

Down Beat Bear is a 1956 animated short that is the 102nd Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such a traditional entry.

Yes, we’ve seen this kind of plot done countless times before and done better to be honest. The dancing bear escapes from the circus and there is a reward. He arrives to the duo’s house and Tom wants to call the police, but Jerry continually plays music and the bear dances with frustrated Tom. The stakes are very low here and the film feels repetitive.

But it is still a good film and to me pleasantly old-fashioned. Yes, it is typical, but this kind of scenario still works and the bear is a memorable character. The music is also really good and I liked the animation quite a bit. Tom is great here and I liked Jerry’s amusement at his frustration. It is an entertaining, if far from great entry.

Down Beat Bear is typical and repetitive, but pleasantly traditional and somewhat charming.

 My Rating – 4

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