Dear Basketball (2017)

Dear Basketball ReviewDear Basketball Review

Dear Basketball is a 2017 animated short film directed by Glen Keane. It is such a wonderful, moving film.

The film was written by Kobe Bryant as it was his speech that he gave before retiring, but now Glen Keane directed the speech into a short animation film and the results are more than stellar. It was simply meant for this form and it suits it perfectly. The only gripe I’ve had with it is that it is too short and in the middle section they should have added more material in terms of both narration and monologue as the transition from childhood to retirement is abrupt.

There is no denying the emotional investment here. The film is very beautiful, quite moving and emotionally resonant as you feel every single word that Kobe speaks owing to the tenderness of his voice. It truly is his love letter to his sport and it should prove universal for anyone who has a dream or a passion. The film is also very professional as a production. Glen Keane directed it superbly as he always does, the animation is mesmerizing and very artistic plus John Williams scored the film and he’s got another win on his hands here.

Dear Basketball is a moving love letter to basketball with a great speech, stunning animation and such a phenomenal score.

My Rating – 4.3

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