Creature Comforts (1989)

Creature Comforts ReviewCreature Comforts Review

Creature Comforts is a 1989 stop-motion animated short film from Aardman that received an Oscar and is a pretty interesting, albeit flawed experiment.

It is a film done in mockumentary style which is very unique in and of itself. The concept is very authentic and wonderfully simplistic. It follows the interviews of various zoo animals who talk about living in a zoo. I really liked how the animals got various answers and thoughts on the matter with ones being happy about it, others being said and some finding both zoo and life in the wild to have its advantages and disadvantages. That was realistic and very interesting.

But what bothered me is that the film isn’t particularly funny. It is amusing, but should have been much funnier than it was. And also the voices, while very good, do not particularly fit these animals both in animation and in style. But the animation is very good with the character design being terrific. The characters are so memorable and well depicted as well. The film is such an original piece of work that I definitely admire it, but I wanted more from it nevertheless.

Creature Comforts is an expectedly good Aardman short that has its flaws, but it so original and interesting with great animation and a very unique approach that you have to respect it.

My Rating – 4

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