Crac (1981)

Crac ReviewCrac Review

Crac is a 1981 Canadian Oscar winning animated short film that is quite charming.

I really enjoyed this film which is a very original and immensely delightful tale of one rocking chair. We follow its history from its creation in the factory to one farming family to an art museum where it eventually ended up. The film is long, but rarely boring in spite of the fact that not all of its segments are great. It is a very moving, wonderful movie and I only wish that the chair was more memorable and more anthropomorphized.

The animation is truly fantastic. I loved its simplistic, watercolor, dreamlike quality and the designs of the chair and the characters are all superb but the highlight is the fluidity and elegance of this animation. The score is also simply lovable, classic and I loved every tune used here, all very well incorporated into the storyline. The highlights were the segment in the family and of course the kids in the museum.

Crac is a deserved Oscar winner with lovely animation, a charming tale and many wonderful sequences.

My Rating – 4.2

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