Closed Mondays (1974)

Closed Mondays ReviewClosed Mondays Review

Closed Mondays is a 1974 Oscar-winning animated short that is pretty overrated.

A man goes to a gallery drunk where he imagines the paintings becoming alive. To me this is your regular drunk/stoned picture and it is a shame that Will Winton wasted his time on such a decidedly lesser script. His animation is fantastic per usual and I just loved the look of the man and the paintings. Very well animated and a great case for artistic claymation.

But the ending I did not get the meaning of and the entire short is just an excuse for wild imagery because he is drunk. He gets some fine lines, but mostly doesn’t say a thing which was frustrating. I wanted some sort of commentary and a more interesting ending. I just found this film overrated and it did not deserve its Oscar at all.

Closed Mondays is a product of its time with an annoying plot, but great animation. An overrated flick.

My Rating – 3.3

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