Charlie Brown’s All-Stars (1966)

Charlie Brown's All-Stars

Charlie Brown’s All-Stars Review

Charlie Brown’s All-Stars is a 1966 animated television special and the second in the Peanuts series. It is definitely one of their best.

Charlie Brown is a manager of a baseball team and is offered a help from the sponsor. He would get free uniforms, but if he gets rid of the girls and Snoopy because no girls or dogs are allowed to play in the team. He rejects that because he does not want to betray his friends and after the girls mock him for losing, they find out what he did for them and they make him a uniform out of Linus’s blanket. That is the story in this special and it is absolutely amazing. It is so well crafted and always entertaining, but it above all showcases what’s best in this series by having such a fantastic humor and inherent emotion to it.

My favorite moments are definitely the ending which is so hilarious and heartwarming, but also every time that Charlie loses and the girls mock him is so funny and there are many lines here that are just hysterical. Yes, the humor is at its peak here as I found the whole film hilarious and probably the funniest Charlie Brown has ever been. But it also has superb character moments with Charlie Brown being excellent of course, but Lucy is expectedly great and Snoopy is so funny. But I liked how the rest of the supporting characters were also funny this time around with Linus being the funniest and the most likable of the bunch. It is well scored and acted and the plot always stays true to the losing spirit of the property which I loved about it. I wish that it would have been longer and sometimes the mockery was too aggressive, but this is mostly a perfect film that has everything I love about this property and I just adored every single second of it.

Charlie Brown’s All-Stars has such great character moments with every character getting their moment to shine, it has many heartwarming moments, it has an excellent plot with a superb conclusion and the humor is absolutely phenomenal with endless hilarious lines leading to an almost perfect Peanuts Special.

My Rating – 4.8

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