It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown (1992)

It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown ReviewIt’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown Review

 It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown is a 1992 animated television special and the 35th entry in the Peanuts series. It is a very uninspired entry.

The entire premise here is definitely a retread as we’ve seen something like this done a billion times before. Charlie Brown is the coach of a baseball team and they lose at the end, so typical. I found the sports elements here very boring and those sequences were awfully extended leading to a very slow and uneventful special.

Most of the characters are forgettable, but Lucy is solid and Snoopy has a couple of good moments. Leland as this new kid is nothing special, but at least he’s endearing. Some of the highlights include his scenes as well as the ending in which Charlie Brown states that it doesn’t matter what you wear but how you play the game. But most of the other scenes were unfortunately lacking.

It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown has its moments, but is mostly a typical sports episode with an expected conclusion and a somewhat forgettable use of its characters.

 My Rating – 3.1

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