A Charlie Brown Celebration (1982)

A Charlie Brown Celebration ReviewA Charlie Brown Celebration Review

A Charlie Brown Celebration is a 1982 animated television special and the 23rd entry in the Peanuts series. It is an okay, but very uneven special.

First I have to say that I really dislike this format. The running time is over 40 minutes which certainly is a lot, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that the film consists of various segments and they are pretty oddly placed and some last much longer than the others. And that is why the film is uneven, but also in the quality of the segments as all of those shorter segments were forgettable.

The last segment with Lucy is of course pretty solid, some of Linus’ storylines were pretty good and I liked Sally as usual. Also, the segment with Lucy and Schroeder is very good. But the highlight is Peppermint Patty as her story is the best. She wants to switch to a private school, but thanks to Snoopy, she accidentally ends up attending a school for dogs. Of course, a lot of hilarity ensued and I loved both Patty and Snoopy here.

In the end, A Charlie Brown Celebration has its very good segments, but most are forgettable and the entire thing is one messy, uneven affair.

 My Rating – 3.2

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