It’s Magic, Charlie Brown (1981)

It's Magic, Charlie Brown ReviewIt’s Magic, Charlie Brown Review

It’s Magic, Charlie Brown is a 1981 animated television special and the 21th entry in the Peanuts series. It is such a solid and different, but still not great part.

Let’s first talk about the elephant in the room here and that is of course the fact that Charlie Brown finally managed to kick the ball from Lucy. That was a bold, but still odd move from the creators and it is easily the best thing about this short. Lucy is so memorable here and I loved the ending as well and the fact that Snoopy made her levitate was awesome as this is the only episode in which Lucy ends up defeated.

But everything else in this special is certainly not memorable. Whereas Lucy is great, others are all just there and even though Snoopy has his moments, this is far from his best episode as he was pretty boring at times. And the entire first half is just so dull and lifeless that it really seriously hit the entire special. But overall, it is worth the watch just for Lucy alone.

It’s Magic, Charlie Brown has a different and memorable storyline with Lucy, but everything else is forgettable and rather dull leading to a solid, but lacking Peanuts entry.

My Rating – 3.5

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