Charade (1984)

Charade ReviewCharade Review

Charade is a 1984 Oscar winning animated short film that is very weak.

This is one of those films that are overly simplistic and I’ve seen similar concepts many times before. Here we follow people who play the game of charade. I guess some lines are funny, but not nearly enough. The film play like a straight, typical charade game and there is nothing interesting or new in it.

The animation is admittedly pretty solid with a good use of color and solid character design. But the film is a total bore to sit through even at its short runtime and it is way too short, clocking in at just five minutes. I didn’t care for it too much and it is one of the weaker Oscar winners.

Charade is an undeserved Oscar winner with an overly simplistic premise and not that great execution.

My Rating – 3

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