The Barnyard Olympics (1932)

The Barnyard Olympics ReviewThe Barnyard Olympics Review

The Barnyard Olympics is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a phenomenal entry.

The film was released to coincide with the 1932 Summer Olympics and thus it features Mickey and all of the barnyard animals competing in various Olympic sports. The premise is naturally awesome and the execution is superb as well. The film isn’t particularly funny, but it succeeds in terms of the action to compensate for that. The animation is also remarkable for its time.

And we have here a lot of excellent action sequences with the entire cycling part being the standout one for me. It was a lot of fun, exhilarating and beautifully executed from beginning to end. But the entire cartoon is so entertaining in its variety of games, characters and competition. I loved Mickey here and this is his cartoon which was great to see, but Pete is also excellent as the villain and their race was so well done with the ending being quite amusing.

The Barnyard Olympics executes its top-notch premise remarkably well with a lot of terrific action sequences leading to one of Mickey’s best movies so far.

My Rating – 4.3


The Mad Dog (1932)

The Mad Dog ReviewThe Mad Dog Review

The Mad Dog is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very competent entry.

We find Mickey bathing Pluto and the dog eats the bar of soap and runs outside where people think he is crazy and has rabies. Pete arrives acting as a dogcatcher in this film and he corners Pluto. Mickey pleads for his life and eventually the two manage to run away. It is a very strong film because it is much more serious and emotional than all of the previous Mickey Mouse entries.

It isn’t a great cartoon and is somewhat uninteresting in some scenes and not particularly comedic, but there is no denying the power of that heartbreaking and heartwarming scene where Mickey pleads for Pluto’s life. He truly loves him and this is most certainly one of the finest man (a mouse really)-dog relationships in the history of animation. Pete is also very memorable as the villain here.

The Mad Dog is one of the best Mickey Mouse shorts so far with an excellent, moving and strong story.

My Rating – 4


The Grocery Boy (1932)

The Grocery Boy ReviewThe Grocery Boy Review

The Grocery Boy is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very charming entry.

Basically it follows Mickey and Minnie cooking together. At first the film was not too interesting and once again it relies on musical numbers and sound effects a bit too much. It is your regular Mickey Mouse entry from the early thirties meaning that it has no dialogue and it relies on music and gags.

However, it is better than most such cartoons because it is just so darn endearing and charming. Pluto is forgettable here, but Mickey and Minnie cooking together was just a wonderful sight to witness and also with a couple of amusing gags here and there. I really liked the animation and that both cooked together in harmony. They surely are a wonderful couple.

The Grocery Boy is typical, but so incredibly charming with a great emphasis on this wonderful mouse couple.

My Rating – 3.5


The Duck Hunt (1932)

The Duck Hunt ReviewThe Duck Hunt Review

The Duck Hunt is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very good entry.

Mickey is on a duck hunt with Pluto and of course the two end up experiencing a lot of troubles and shenanigans. I really liked this short despite it being typical in plot and sometimes forgettable. The dance scene is totally unnecessary here. But I liked the ducks and how they were incorporated into the gags.

Mickey and Pluto are wonderful together and this is a great cartoon that emphasizes their lovely relationship. The animation and score are solid, but the film is very charming and amusing above everything else which is why it succeeds executing its standard premise. The highlight for sure is the flea gag – Pluto is in the air falling and the fleas get off him and use parachutes. That was hilarious and so incredibly authentic.

The Duck Hunt is one of the better Mickey Mouse entries so far with one great, inventive gag and a terrific emphasis on Mickey and Pluto.

My Rating – 3.9


Mickey Cuts Up (1931)

Mickey Cuts Up ReviewMickey Cuts Up Review

Mickey Cuts Up is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is too oddly structured.

Again we see a Mickey Mouse short which only begins in its third act. So basically Mickey sings and dances to Minnie trying to make her feel special and woo her. And then only after five minutes, the action comes in as the cat disrupts the fun and everyone chases her with Pluto wrecking everything.

I liked the turtle scene and the final scene was quite endearing. Pluto is sweet here and the two mice are also pretty endearing. But the first half remains dull and the action at the end is rushed and not particularly exciting. It is thoroughly lacking in strong gags and once again the structure ruined the whole film.

Mickey Cuts Up starts only near the end and thus it is a problematic effort with some sweet moments, but otherwise lacking in gags.

My Rating – 3.4


The Beach Party (1931)

The Beach Party ReviewThe Beach Party Review

The Beach Party is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is again oddly structured.

The same flaw that the previous film ‘The Barnyard Broadcast’ has appears here as well and that is its very odd structure and by that I mean that the film only presents conflict in the last act, basically in the last two minutes. Everything before that is just set-up and the gang having fun on the beach.

Now I liked the charming gang here, I liked that octopus and the film is charming for sure. I also liked their eating habits presented here. But the action at the end came too late and wasn’t as memorable and the entire cartoon before that is very uneventful as nothing of any importance happens at all. A charm can only get you so far without a substance.

The Beach Party is endearing and cute, but lacking in all the areas: action, gags and story.

My Rating – 3.4


The Barnyard Broadcast (1931)

The Barnyard Broadcast ReviewThe Barnyard Broadcast Review

The Barnyard Broadcast is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is solid but oddly structured.

Mickey Mouse sets up a radio music program so that Minnie, Horace and Clarabelle can perform. However, a cat family eventually barges in and destroys his whole set. I ended up really liking that last segment. The cats’ designs are off-putting in that early 30s fashion, but the action is very well executed and some of the gags worked with the final one being excellent.

But I just do not understand this structure. Basically the film drags and then is abrupt. We follow Mickey getting everything ready for high five minutes and then only in the last two minutes we get the action and the conflict. That was a very odd, ridiculous choice from the filmmakers.

The Barnyard Broadcast definitely has a very good third act, but it drags before that with such an unappealing structure.

My Rating – 3.4


Fishin’ Around (1931)

Fishin' Around ReviewFishin’ Around Review

Fishin’ Around is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a solid entry.

Mickey and Pluto are on a lake fishing. The sign clearly says “no fishing” but the two completely ignore it. They do not manage to get any fish as the fish here are so clever that they play pranks on the two, but they still manage to escape the man who chases them for fishing in his lake.

This cartoon is unfortunately never as funny as it clearly should have been given the awesome, promising premise. And Mickey is sadly not as present as Pluto is. But Pluto is so funny in his yelps and some gags really worked, though none of it was too original or clever. I still found the film very enjoyable and entertaining. Also the score is fine and the animation is quite solid for its time.

Fishin’ Around is not hilarious, but it is perfectly solid in its premise and execution with a great emphasis on Pluto.

My Rating – 3.5


Blue Rhythm (1931)

Blue Rhythm ReviewBlue Rhythm Review

Blue Rhythm is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a dull entry.

I do realize that people who are into music more are bound to love this film, but I really found it boring. Incredibly boring actually and way too long. It is basically a concert film but unlike other musicals of the time, it is literally a concert short. But unlike those earlier shorts, it is even more boring this time around and it only has that concert novelty to it.

It starts off fine, but becomes repetitive and dull. The runtime is excessive and I found both Mickey and Minnie somewhat forgettable in this particular cartoon. Others are also forgettable and in spite of a couple of charming moments, the film is mostly devoid of either charm or humor. The animation is very good though.

Blue Rhythm is very tedious and overlong. It is another one of those excessive Mickey Mouse musicals.

My Rating – 3.2


Mickey Steps Out (1931)

Mickey Steps Out ReviewMickey Steps Out Review

Mickey Steps Out is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a solid, forgettable one.

Mickey goes on a date with Minnie but Pluto is there to wreak chaos and interrupt the date. This is a solid premise which was not particularly well utilized here despite some winning moments, but with some rehashed gags from previous entries.

I liked that Pluto is finally getting more to do and he was the most memorable character here with the two mice being somewhat forgettable this time around. The animation is getting better and better with each short and I like how the series finally is moving away from the musical format. But this short still needed more quality gags.

Mickey Steps Out is well animated and a step in the right direction, but lacking in great gags and moments.

My Rating – 3.4