Bosko’ Fox Hunt (1931)

Bosko's Fox Hunt ReviewBosko’s Fox Hunt Review

Bosko’s Fox Hunt is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is an amusing short.

Bosko and his dog chase a fox, but it plays fools of both of them. It is a very entertaining and in the end even funny film that doesn’t have the best animation and score, but is fun to watch. I found the first part really lacking as it doesn’t have any memorable gags or plot points, but the second half is a big improvement.

The third act is particularly successful. I loved those scenes where the fox tricked the dog and then Bosko himself and the ending was excellent with them being chased by a mamooth. I wish that it was more visually appealing, but this is otherwise the kind of Looney Tunes I like the best with a solid setting and nice gags. And Bosko is naturally very good here.

Bosko’s Fox Hunt is weaker in first half, but fun and funny in the second one.

 My Rating – 3.4


Bosko’s Soda Fountain (1931)

Bosko's Soda Fountain ReviewBosko’s Soda Fountain Review

 Bosko’s Soda Fountain is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very amusing short.

Bosko’s Soda Fountain doesn’t have a plot really, but it’s a collection of various vignettes. Bosko works in ice cream parlor and first has a problem with a hippo. That part is funny, but the part with the dog being used as an accordion is somewhat typical for Looney Tunes. The last part is definitely the best where Honey’s cat Wilbur demands an ice cream, but when he gets it, he doesn’t like it and retaliates in anger.

That ending is funny as the creature is hilarious in his anger. The film is definitely very good in its parts, but it isn’t really great as a sum of its parts. It is a bit too long and it isn’t well constructed plus the action isn’t that memorable. The humor is really good, but only in some parts. But Bosko is very memorable and this is one of his better roles.

Bosko’s Soda Fountain is funny and great in some parts, but not as terrific as a whole.

 My Rating – 3.7


Birds Anonymous (1957)

Birds Anonymous ReviewBirds Anonymous Review

Birds Anonymous is a 1957 Merry Melodies short starring Tweety and Sylverster. It is the second of their shorts to win the Oscar, a decade after the previous one.

Sylvester joins the titular group that tries to stay away from birds as they deem it to be an unhealthy addiction. This is obviously a reference to therapy sessions for alcoholics and is done really well. It is a bit too slow plus there isn’t a lot of memorable action in here and it takes its time to get there, but when it does, it is a blast to watch and featuring some pretty good humor.

I loved the ending and it was very amusing with such a great, signature line from Tweety coming just at the right time. The other cat is a memorable character and the plot itself is very well incorporated with these characters. It is an interesting departure for the series with a more drama-oriented storyline and I liked that quite a bit. It is a very clever, very well constructed film that also never fails to be humorous.

Birds Anonymous is humorous, but also pleasantly dramatic with a very good and interesting plot.

My Rating – 4.3



Bosko Shipwrecked (1931)

Bosko Shipwrecked ReviewBosko Shipwrecked Review

Bosko Shipwrecked is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is the weakest entry in the series so far.

Bosko is shipwrecked and is pursued by the animals on the island while also meeting its inhabitants. I really disliked this short. It isn’t bad as it definitely has a couple of really inventive moments as we’ve come to expect from the series when it comes to the action sequences. But in its entirety, it is pretty subpar and way inferior to the previous entries.

Bosko in particular is so unlikable here in his treatment of animals. I get that he was pursued by them, but the way he beat them up was somewhat unlikable to me and this is the most irritating I’ve seen from him by this point. And I’ve seen much better island episodes in other series and this one is way short in its running time and way too abrupt in its conclusion.

Bosko Shipwrecked is abrupt and short while also featuring unlikable Bosko.

 My Rating – 3.2


Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! (1931)

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! ReviewSmile, Darn Ya, Smile! Review

 Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! is a 1931 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a fun entry with a great song.

Foxy is a trolley engineer here and he first has a problem with a lady hippo who can’t get into the vehicle. That segment was pretty funny, albeit not as original. Then the segment with the cow is quite the same – fun, but unoriginal. And the action scene with rescuing Roxy was excellent along with the hobos singing, that was a lot of fun. So this cartoon does everything right except do anything really unique.

As was the case with ‘Lady, Play Your Mandolin!’, this Merry Melody also features one hell of a song in the titular Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! Not only is the song incredibly entertaining, so catchy and just amusing from start to finish, but it was also perfectly incorporated into the short which I really respected. Foxy in the end wakes up from the dream that was the whole movie and the radio is singing that song. Now that was a perfect explanation for the song’s introduction which is something that has never really happened in any musical short before. So admirable.

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! is far from original, but very amusing and featuring a great title song.

 My Rating – 4.1


Lady, Play Your Mandolin! (1931)

Lady, Play Your Mandolin! ReviewLady, Play Your Mandolin! Review

 Lady, Play Your Mandolin! is a 1931 animated short film that is the first ever Merry Melody. It is a flawed short with great music.

This is the first appearance of Foxy and his girlfriend Roxy. Now I admittedly liked these characters here as they were fun, but of course their looks are basically rehashes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse which is mildly put troublesome. The plot here is standard and the action is also pretty uninspired and typical. I liked that moment where the horse was annoyed by all of the singing. That was hilarious. But other than that, the film isn’t particularly funny.

However, Lady, Play Your Mandolin! succeeds as a solid opening for Merry Melodies mainly because of the music which is just phenomenal. The titular song is fantastic and I know that they milked it a lot here and that it was repeated throughout the whole running time plus the fact that it isn’t the original property of the series but the studio isn’t helping, but it is such a great, incredibly catchy and entertaining song that it doesn’t matter.

Lady, Play Your Mandolin! has solid characters and a standard plot, but the titular song lifted the movie and made it very memorable.

 My Rating – 3.7


The Tree’s Knees (1931)

The Tree's KneesThe Tree’s Knees Review

The Tree’s Knees is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a typical entry that has its memorable moments.

It is very similar in plot to ‘Ain’t Nature Grand!’, but is in my opinion a bit more memorable than that cartoon. Bosko is in the forest and wants to cut a tree, but it defends itself and his baby trees and then the dance ensues. What I liked here is the first half with the second one being a typical, forgettable musical endeavor.

I enjoyed Bosko being tormented by each and every thing in the forest from trees to animals. The highlight has to be the confrontation with the tree as it has some pretty crazy moments. This cartoon is good at showing us the physics-bending craziness of the Looney Tunes. Another highlight is the scene in which the mice play music by using wood, that was absolutely hilarious in its wackiness. But its third act focused way too much on dance sequences thus ruining the movie.

The Tree’s Knees is too musically oriented, but containing a couple of memorable, crazy sequences.

 My Rating – 3.5


Speedy Gonzales (1955)


Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Review

 Speedy Gonzales is a 1955 Merry Melodies animated short starring the titular character. It received the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Sylvester the Cat is terrorizing the mice at the Mexican border and they can’t get to the cheese factory. They bring Speedy Gonzales to help them get cheese. And of course he tricks the cat and provides everyone cheese. Now, the use of Mexican language here is interesting. On the one hand, I would have liked to have understood what they were saying all the time. But on the other hand, it was funny and some lines that are easy to understand were pretty hilarious.

The film’s structure is excellent as it is evenly split into three acts. The action could have been better as it isn’t the greatest, but some of it is pretty solid. I liked the use of each character and especially the cat who was very amusing. The ending is easily the highlight of the whole short as it was just such a hysterical conclusion with such a funny line from Gonzales. The short is also well animated and scored and it is all around very well made, but it isn’t as great as it could have been owing to its somewhat weaker second act.

Speedy Gonzales is well structured, funny and very well made with such an amusing ending.

 My Rating – 4.2


Bosko’s Holiday (1931)

Bosko's Holiday ReviewBosko’s Holiday Review

 Bosko’s Holiday is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is one of the best entries thus far.

Bosko’s Holiday is so satisfying on multiple levels. Bosko and Honey go on a picnic and along the way we see a lot of physics-oriented gags. But the real highlight are these two. Honey is excellent and Bosko is the best he has ever been in this one. His line – Ain’t that Cute! – is absolutely hilarious, it is repeated a lot here and is always funny as it emphasized how everything is endearing to you when you’re in love.

But the actual picnic is phenomenal as Bosko rudely suggests something to Honey and she gets angry. Eventually, the dog licks her behind and she, thinking it was him, slaps him and leaves. That was such a hilarious ending and a perfect conclusion. The problems here are twofold. One is that the action with animals and cars is never as funny or as memorable as the two lovebirds are. It is a well constructed film for sure, but it could have been funnier and more inventive. And the other problem is the cinematography. The camera angles here are absolutely ridiculous and some are even filmed with the two seeming like giants. It trully hindered the whole movie.

Bosko’s Holiday is weirdly filmed, but funny, entertaining and so satisfying in the relationship between Bosko and Honey.

 My Rating – 4.1


Yodeling Yokels (1931)

Yodeling Yokels ReviewYodeling Yokels Review

 Yodeling Yokels is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is an old-fashioned, but archaic entry.

Yodeling Yokels is at times pleasantly traditional, but at times too archaic in its storyline. Yes, we basically follow Bosko trying to save Honey in the mountains and it is such a typical plot with not one plot point being unique. It is well done, but isn’t particularly entertaining.

The action is also overabundant. I liked the setting quite a bit and it was great to see Bosko and Honey finally share a kiss, but I wished that it was less frenetic in pacing and that it had more humor in it. The only moment that was humorous and memorable was the dog extending his tongue to save Honey. As for the other subplot, we get a mouse trying to play mini-golf with a piece of cheese. I don’t know what to think of this one. On the one hand, it is cute. But on the other hand, it has nothing to do with the other subplot and is just added for the sake of the longer running time.

Yodeling Yokels has a great ending and both of its subplots are charming, but do not mash well together and the plot is unremarkable.

 My Rating – 3.5