Best and Worst Films from November 2017


Best and Worst Films from November 2017



Best Films from November 2017:


3. Flight of the Navigator

I haven’t seen a lot of great films during this month, but this is one of them for sure. Flight of the Navigator blew my expectations off the roof. I did not expect to have such a great time with it. The film is definitely an archetypal 80s flick but a very charming and imaginative one nonetheless with inherent emotion, very good characters and some of the best special effects of any 80s film. It truly is a family classic.

Flight of the Navigator Movie Review


2. Lolita

Lolita is one of Kubrick’s most underrated films. It might be too tame for today’s audiences but I personally like that approach much more which is why I ended up loving this film. James Mason delivered a phenomenal performance in a complex role, the film flies by how engaging it is and both the script and the dialogue are top-notch. It is a long, but never at all boring film which is a huge accomplishment.

Lolita Movie Review


1. Dark Victory

And Dark Victory easily takes this one! Again this is a hugely underrated film from the best cinematic year ever which is of course 1939. Bette Davis plays a woman who learns she has only a couple of months left to live and she needed to portray relief, anger, sense of betrayal, fear and finally dignity. She did all of those masterfully in a brilliant performance which is one of her career best. Dark Victory is not only so well written and acted, but highly emotional with such a devastating, majestic ending.

Dark Victory Movie Review


Worst Films from November 2017:


3. Madame Rosa

I haven’t really seen any truly bad film during this particular month and all three of these movies are okay. However, they are not particularly good and thus they deserve their placements on this list. Madame Rosa is a French film which undeservedly won an Oscar and although really well acted, it is so unsubtle in its script and so didactic in its approach that it seems incredibly dated now.

Madame Rosa Movie Review


2. Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is a fun heist flick which should prove perfectly solid for genre fans, but it is a bland, unmotivated effort from a pretty overrated director with a thin script, weak characters and a lack of more depth. I definitely found it entertaining, but undeniably a wasted potential, especially in terms of its ensemble cast which is great but none of the actors gave strong performances and some (Daniel Craig) were underused.

Logan Lucky Movie Review


1. Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White takes the top spot on my worst list easily. It isn’t bad and it starts off really well, but it stumbles pretty quickly into some unfortunate dark comedy territory. The director doesn’t do comedy really well and the humor is non-existent here. The characters are not particularly memorable or likable and the entire storyline and approach are messy. It is without a doubt the weakest entry in this trilogy.

Three Colors: White Movie Review


Ranking 1980s Animated Short Oscar Winners


Ranking 1980s Animated Short Oscar Winners

The eighties actually proved to be one of the better decades when it comes to the category of Best Animated Short Film at the Academy. Certainly some films here are weak, but most were admittedly very good and a couple are phenomenal and very authentic. So here is my ranking of all ten of these 80s shorts.


10. Sundae in New York

This one deserves the dead last spot for sure. Its song is catchy and that is basically all I can say that is positive when it comes to this overly short, overly patriotic and downright pointless and weakly animated love ode to the city of New York.

Sundae in New York Review

9. Charade

Charade is better than the aforementioned entry, but not by much. It is again weakly animated and overly short in length. It isn’t bad, but it is another basic and rehashed entry with the game of charade not being fully explored with no humor be to found here whatsoever.

Charade Review


8. A Greek Tragedy

I liked the animation in A Greek Tragedy and the score is also very nice. However, this film is anything but its epic title as the story is non-existent and we just follow these three women who try to hold the stones of the building. The humor is weak and I missed the point of the movie entirely. If there is any…

A Greek Tragedy Review


7. Tin Toy

Tin Toy is a very dated film. Certainly the plot is great and it influenced countless animated features in its wake and the action and humor are solid. But even though the CGI was groundbreaking for its time, it now looks awfully dated and especially in that ugly design of the baby. The lack of score also troubled me leading to an undeserved Oscar winner as there are so many better Pixar shorts out there.

Image result for tin toy gif


6. Tango

Tango is the first truly good film on this list. Yes, the use of live-action figurines in an animated film bothered me as I do not like that approach at all personally. But there is no denying that it is thematically a deep film which is very authentic in its execution and the exploration of the passage of time.

Tango Review


5. Anna & Bella

This charmer is overly weird and odd in some of its imagery, but I really liked it mostly for the strong sisterhood at the center of it. It is a moving, very endearing film which benefits from a particularly strong structure and wonderful animation.

Anna & Bella Review


4. The Man Who Planted Trees

This movie is very long as it lasts for thirty minutes. It is not particularly engaging and the narration is excessively used. But the animation is beyond beautiful and even artistic in quality, the emotion is evident and some scenes are downright magical. It features a great environmental message that anyone could get behind with.

The Man Who Planted Trees Review


3. Balance

I do get what Balance is all about, but only after I read about it after watching it. That is because the plot is way too vague. But even though it is vague and the sound editing is mediocre, watching these figures try to balance themselves on a platform was a pretty strange and interesting experience. The film is otherworldly in its atmosphere and definitely highly original.

Image result for balance 1989


2. The Fly

The Fly is way too short, there is no denying that. But you can also not deny how strong its subdued animation is and how amazing its fittingly hectic cinematography is. It is a short which puts you in the shoes of a house fly with remarkably detailed, realistic and downright authentic and admirable effect.

The Fly Review


1. Crac

Crac follows the story of one rocking chair from its conception to its place in the art museum where it eventually winds up. Its watercolor animation is simply beautiful and the film is dreamlike in its effect and not to mention incredibly original and also highly moving. Most of the movies on this list are very authentic in premise and execution, but this is the best of them all thanks to its high emotion, a wonderful score and artistic visuals.

Crac Review


Best and Worst Films from October 2017


Best and Worst Films from October 2017



Best Films from October 2017:


3. Of Mice and Men

I also could have put ‘Annabelle: Creation’ in this third place, but that would mean three movies form 2017 would be on the list which is too much and thus this a bit older movie gets the spot. And it more than deserved it as it is such a phenomenal adaptation of a great novel which trumps the previous cinematic adaptation by large. It features superb performances, an excellent attention to detail and an ending which is even better than in the source material.

Of Mice and Men Movie Review


2. Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West is a remarkable achievement as a dramedy that works superbly in both of its departments and that truly is rare. Aubrey Plaza is great here, but the cringe humor is excellent and so funny how awkward the situations are. The drama is thoughtful and again very difficult to watch. It is a brilliant satire on Instagram, social media and overall how humans are constantly pretending and acting in front of others. Very relatable and honest.

Image result for ingrid goes west gif


1. Beatriz at Dinner

And the best movie I’ve seen all month is this indie flick. John Lithgow is truly remarkable in such a villainous role, but it is Selma Hayek who excelled in the main role and gave one of the year’s best performances. This is again a movie about darkness in humans and I sympathized with the protagonist and her problems. The dialogue is stupendous here, the themes are rich and clever and it ends on a heartbreaking note. A very observational, unfortunately underseen indie gem.

Beatriz at Dinner Movie Review


Worst Films from October 2017:


3. Girls Trip

I actually had a very good month and thus only the first place here is a bad, mediocre film. The other two are pretty solid including Girls Trip which is very well acted with Tiffany Haddish being the highlight. This comedy is funny and with a great dynamic between its actresses. However, it is very overrated as it is rarely truly hilarious, it was forced at times and the inclusion of that unnecessary cheating storyline hurt it tremendously.

Girls Trip Movie Review


2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales is also a solid film and an improvement over the previous Pirates entry. It has a great, moving ending, some fun scenes and solid new characters. But it still has a lot of problems such as very poor pacing and structure, a story that is solid but underutilized in too many of its plot points and an unfortunate restraint when it comes to Jack as he is not too much present here. Did not like that choice at all as he should always be at the center.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Movie Review


1. Annabelle

And by far the worst and only truly weak movie I’ve seen during this month is the first Annabelle. This is a very mediocre movie that is somewhat competently made, but weakly acted and weirdly lacking in terms of scares and true horror elements and action. It also features an absolutely infuriating ending that really was frustrating to sit through. But above all else it is terribly boring and uninspired and thus it gets this first spot in the worst department. Thankfully the sequel is not only much better, but actually great.

Annabelle Movie Review


Ranking Pirates of the Caribbean Films


Ranking Pirates of the Caribbean Films

Pirates of the Caribbean is a solid franchise. Not great, but certainly not as bad as most critics would say. These films feature unforgettable score, excellent locations and special effects and an iconic character in Jack Sparrow. They are fun to watch and although constantly overlong and flawed, most remain solid and charming. Here is my ranking all five of its entries.


5. On Stranger Tides

This is by far the worst Pirates entry so far. It is the only movie that is just okay and far from solid. Jack is great per usual and some scenes are memorable as are the locations. However, the action is underwhelming this time around and it was weird seeing so little of the fantasy elements in this installment. Penelope Cruz also ruined this film with her bad acting. So it isn’t terrible, but it most definitely is the weakest point of the series.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Movie Review


4. Dead Men Tell No Tales

This newest entry is weaker than the original trilogy, but a most definite improvement over the above installment. It is very jumbled in plot points and execution, Jack is unfortunately very underutilized here and some scenes did not feel earned emotionally, but the ending was awesome, the storyline is mostly quite solid and I liked the new additions to the team as well as seeing Elizabeth and Will again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Movie Review


3. At World’s End

At World’s End is the weaker entry in the original trilogy as it is so damn long. It just felt liked it would never end. The entire storyline is needlessly complicated and hard to follow plus it has way too many characters in it. But the entire third act was worth the journey. It was incredibly emotional and I loved it. It definitely is a very prolonged ending, but very rewarding nevertheless.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Movie Review


2. The Curse of the Black Pearl

To many people the original is the best, but not to me. It is the most serious Pirates film for better and for worse. It has the best story out of all of them, Jack is hilarious here and the action as well as locations are highly memorable and well utilized. But the film was just too serious for me and although sometimes very funny, the movie needed much more humor and shenanigans.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Movie Review


1. Dead Man’s Chest

Dead Man’s Chest is my personal favorite Pirates of the Caribbean flick. It is per usual excessive in runtime and action, but it is the funniest entry in the series for sure with Jack and the rest being so amusing. The fantasy elements are very intriguing, the film sets up the sequel quite well and of course Davy Jones is such a memorable villain with a good backstory. It also features seamless special effects and many memorable scenes. It is the best and most entertaining film here and thus it gets the first spot.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Movie Review


Top Ten Disney Revival Songs


Top Ten Disney Revival Songs

The Revival period for Disney thankfully revived not just the studio in terms of quality, but it also revived their traditional musical format and to stellar results. Half of these movies are not musicals at all which means that this list is not going to be as strong as the characters list, but still they brought musicals back after a hiatus in the 2000s (those movies had songs but weren’t musicals) and there are enough good songs here to fill up a top ten list so here we go.


10. Friends on the Other Side

It start off pretty slow and basically consists of slow singing/talking for a while there, but ends on such a strong, effective and highly catchy note that it truly is one of the better Disney villain songs out there. I loved the descriptive lyrics and the imagery which accompanies the entire affair. It works great as a plot point and as a song too.


9. Dig a Little Deeper

The Princess and the Frog gets another song on the list because it has a damn strong, highly underrated soundtrack. I’d take as much of Mama Odie as I can possibly get and this is basically her only sequence and she is great in it. Again the lyrics serve the plot and character development superbly and it is just such a catchy number accompanied by colorful animation.


8. For the First Time in Forever Reprise

This is one of those scenes where the characters sing the words and an almost entire conversation is sung. I know that most do not like that, but I do and this is one of the better examples of such an approach. The singing from both is great, the words are mostly terrific and the entire sequence is not only powerfully sung, but highly intense and emotional as well.


7. I’ve Got a Dream

I really adore this catchy number. The lyrics here are actually funny. Not just funny, but some lines are even hilarious! The thugs are awesome, Flynn got a great, funny moment and Rapunzel is wonderful here. The entire sequence in this tavern is childlike and sweet with the song being innocent in a good way and immensely entertaining.


6. For the First Time in Forever

Frozen has a pretty overrated soundtrack with only a couple of good songs and this is one of them. The reprise is great, but here we got a full, longer version and it is probably the sequence which best describes Anna’s character in such a short time. She is infectiously amusing and likable here and the song is catchy but also quite grand in its last moments where both sisters sing together.


5. How Far I’ll Go

It actually isn’t the best Moana song, but How Far I’ll Go remains a pretty great “I want” song in its own right. This is the defining scene for the movie and especially for Moana’s character and it is beautifully built up through excellent imagery and action on screen. The lyrics are fine, but it is the singing that is the highlight along with its fantastic last chorus which was perfectly accompanied by animation and action on screen. A classicaly done, wonderful song.


4. Almost There

Almost There, on the other hand, is not classic Disney at all. It isn’t a ballad and it isn’t pop. It is a jazz number and while I usually tend to not care for this genre, here I loved it. We get to see the entire suffering and hard work Tiana puts and what he dreams of – opening a restaurant. I loved that artistic animation employed here, really well done. The number is infectiously catchy, beautifully sung and with particularly strong, descriptive lyrics. It is a fun, different kind of Disney song that benefits from being faithful to the time period and setting of the film.


3. We Know the Way

I know that Moana came out so recently, but I have to put this song so high on my list as it is absolutely magnificent. It is the highlight of the film and although the transition from scene to song was not smooth at all, the sequence itself is terrific. It showcases the culture of its people so well and it actually uses the Tokelauan language in its lyrics. In tone and in language, it fits to its setting much more so than ‘Frozen’ ever did. But it is above all else incredibly, hugely catchy and I know it by heart and I have listened to it a hundred times by now. It is by far the catchiest, most entertaining song out of these ten.


2. I See the Light

I See the Light is a contemporary, but wonderful love ballad. I loved how it was a return to those classic duo songs from the Renaissance and it reminded me wonderfully of Kiss the Girl from ‘The Little Mermaid’ as it is similar in imagery. Finally here their love has blossomed, both Rapunzel’s and Flynn’s singing is excellent, the words are very good and fit the story and their characters well and seeing those lanterns lift in the sky provides a beautiful, exceedingly romantic experience. It is such a wonderful moment from Tangled when the entire film just starts and your breath is taken.


1. Let It Go

This is a cliched choice, I know. But sometimes what majority thinks is actually right. Some may hate on this song because it has certainly been overplayed by now, but nobody can deny its power and its sheer spectacle. The entire scene is breathtaking and one of the best in Disney history, but the song is the standout aspect there as it gives Elsa excellent development and a moment to shine alone. It is a transcendent scene and a kind of majestic Broadway song which is beautifully sung by Idina Menzel. But the reason why it is so great lies in its lyrics which are absolutely amazing, clever, descriptive, almost artistic and just perfect in every way. Probably the most poetic and sophisticated of all Disney songs, Let It Go certainly is one of the best of all time and undoubtedly the best of the 21st century.


Honorable Mentions:

Try Everything – This is the only song from Zootopia which closes off the film in such a fun fashion. It is very catchy and fittingly worded for the film.

Gonna Take You There – This is another strong song from this underrated soundtrack that is too short, but incredibly entertaining and catchy.

Everything Is Honey – This Winnie the Pooh outing is not all that memorable, but it is accompanied by a great scene and features a pretty good, stellar final chorus.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman – This Frozen number is overly childlike and short, but it works in the context of the story and is very sweet and heartbreaking.

Shiny – This is far from Moana’s best songs and I do not like that it is rap basically. However, it is very amusing, funny, catchy and a pretty memorable scene overall.


Top Ten Disney Revival Characters


Top Ten Disney Revival Characters

Probably the biggest reason why this current Disney Revival period is so great and a fantastic return to form lies in the character development which is actually terrific in almost every of its eight films so far. With that in mind, I am going to choose ten best characters from this period and this is going to be a highly personal list that will coincide pretty closely with my best movies list as usually when I love a film I love it because of the characters.


10. Baymax

Big Hero 6 surely is the weakest Revival film, but I cannot deny how wonderful this character is. Baymax is sweet and also quite funny at times. The relationship between him and Hiro is the heart and soul of the movie. He definitely has a very interesting design to him and is essential for the movie so he takes this tenth spot deservedly.

Image result for baymax gif


9. Prince Naveen

There are a lot of truly wonderful characters from The Princess and the Frog with whom I could easily populate half of this list with, but the central duo has to be the highlight. Naveen is a different kind of Disney Prince as he is lazy, rich and spoiled at first and has to learn how to better himself. His interactions with Tiana were great as the two are so different from one another.

Image result for prince naveen gif


8. Elsa

I know that the eighth place for Elsa might seem too low for many but she is just not that much in the movie and remains a mystery purposefully. Everything she stands for is important and great, her relationship with Anna is moving and she is such a memorable, kickass magical queen. It’s just that Anna is the main and more important character for the film.

Image result for elsa gif


7. Flynn Ryder

Flynn Ryder (or Eugene as is his real name) is another excellent Disney Prince. He is the type of modern, overly confident, fun and selfish dude who influenced Maui from ‘Moana’ who is a pale imitation of him. Flynn is a lot of fun and quite funny at times and I loved Rapunzel’s relationship with him and how nuanced it felt.

Image result for flynn ridergif


6. Anna

Anna is crazy. Not as much as Kristoff, but still pretty crazy and foolish. But that is why she is great as she makes mistakes and realizes them and we follow how much she changes and grows up throughout this story. Spunky and energetic, funny yet sweet, she gives Disney princesses a fun, contemporary make-over.

Image result for anna gif


5. Tiana

I love Tiana and she is an enormously underrated Disney Princess. The mix of contemporary and traditional is phenomenal here which is why I like her more than most subsequent princesses. She is the only princess who is a worker which is very important, but she also learns to have fun in the end and changes her wardrobe the most out of any other princesses. Determined, yet sweet while being very complex, she is what every little girl should strive to be.

Image result for tiana gif


4. Rapunzel

And my favorite modern Disney Princess is Rapunzel. She is spunky, fun and definitely capable of defending herself, but at the heart is a traditional princess – warm, caring and immensely kind and charming. Not to mention that she is the most beautiful and cutest princess after Ariel. I cared for her and I rooted for her which is a testament to her great personality and portrayal.

Image result for rapunzel gif


3. Mother Gothel

Yes, the best character from Tangled is actually Mother Gothel. Wow, is she awesome. She used Rapunzel for years, she managed to trick her and Flynn later on and she never made a single mistake. Scary, creepy, but non-magical and a real person which makes her all the more menacing – she truly is one of the best villains that the studio has ever had.

Image result for mother gothel gif


2. Vanellope von Schweetz

This crazy kid is terrific. She is also a Disney Princess surprisingly enough, but much more than that. Feisty and brave, yet also vulnerable and sweet, she is a realistic, tough and admirable kid who got one heck of a backstory here. I rooted for her constantly and wanted her to succeed so badly. That is how much she had an impact on me. And her relationship with Ralph is simply wonderful.

Image result for vanellope von schweetz gif


1. Ralph

Speaking of the devil, Ralph is definitely the best character on this list. He had a tough job beating up so many great characters here, but he did it as he is the most nuanced, most complex of the bunch and such a perfect Disney hero who should prove influential to others in the future. He is never too good or boring and bland and is thus rather realistic and again with an excellent backstory, goal and interactions with every other character in the film. He, along with Vanellope, carries most of this awesome film on his shoulders and in no small part thanks to such a wonderful performance form John C. Reily who assured him the first place on my list.

Image result for wreck it ralph gif


Honorable Mentions:

Charlotte – She easily could have been just a dumb wealthy Southern debutante, but she has a giant heart and was a wonderful friend to Tiana. Loved her.

Judy Hopps – Although overly aggressive at times, Judy is a memorable protagonist who made mistakes and apologized for them which made her all the more human. Ironic for a bunny.

Nick Wilde – Nick is also very well developed and quite complex of a character who has a fantastic, nuanced relationship with Judy which is the best thing about Zootopia.

Moana – Although not all that memorable and at times not likable, Moana is still a solid, competent heroine who got a particularly entertaining and perilous adventure.

Mama Odie – This is a somewhat different, crazier version of the Fairy Godmother character and it worked entirely as Mama Odie is funny and silly, but wonderful all the time.


Ranking Disney Revival Films


Ranking Disney Revival Films

Disney Revival is the most recent period in the history of Disney Animation which consists of films released from 2009 up to today. It is basically a second Disney Renaissance after their dark period during the 2000s. Finally the studio went back to its roots and paid more attention to characterization and emotion while also going back to animal pictures and especially the princess movies. Although not as great as the Renaissance period of the nineties, this is still one of the better periods for the company. Some movies here are overly modern, but some will also prove to be timeless. This is also the only period which I basically followed almost from its beginning and most movies I have watched in theaters as well. So without further ado, this is my (very personal) ranking of all eight Disney Revival films released so far.



8. Big Hero 6

As is the case with all great periods, this one also does not have a single bad or even weaker film. Case in point – Big Hero 6 which is perfectly solid, but is dead last on this list because it is so much weaker than the rest of the entries as it is so flawed. I loved Hiro and Baymax, the action is actually superb as is the animation and the emotional investment, but the supporting characters are ridiculously underutilized, the story has its many typical plot points and the pacing is awfully rushed owing to its very unfortunate shorter runtime. It’s a perfectly solid and quite moving film, but another proof that Disney just do not know how to make great anime films as this is their third decidedly flawed attempt at that.

Big Hero 6 Movie Review


7. Winnie the Pooh

2011’s Winnie the Pooh is without a doubt the most atypical movie from this period as it is the only sequel so far (that will change soon) and it is the only flick geared toward children and one of just two films that are hand-drawn. I absolutely adored its simplistic animation and the humor is so sweet. This is a movie that is very simple for better and for worse meaning that it is too short and definitely lacking in real conflict and story, but also thus exceedingly charming and wonderfully childlike. It is a very old-fashioned film that is respectful to its characters and legacy without ever doing anything too modern with it. Overall, it is best suited for children, but those with a childlike wonder and mind might also appreciate its inherent heart and charm.

Winnie the Pooh Movie Review


6. Frozen

This is going to be the most controversial placement but here we go. First of all, I like Frozen quite a bit and there was a time when I loved it actually. The characters are excellent with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff all being very memorable and so well developed. Let It Go is an undisputed classic and that entire scene is one of the finest in Disney’s history. It has a good twist (though unfortunately it proved to be too influential on subsequent movies) and it is great for women and especially those who have sisters. However, the soundtrack is for the most part very lackluster, the animation is not as detailed, the pacing and structure of the film are all over the place and the film is so uneven in almost every regard that it truly is unfortunate how amazing it often is, but how problematic it is at other times. It isn’t a bad movie as most say; it isn’t a great movie as most would say too. It is just a very flawed, but good film and that’s it.

Frozen Movie Review


5. Zootopia

Zootopia is probably the most critically acclaimed film out of all these. And while I personally do not agree with that sentiment as I found its politically correct overtones and approach just too on-the-nose and preachy, there is no denying its absolutely breathtaking, meticulous world building, sheer originality and excellent character development with two great main characters. The animation is one of the best when it comes to CGI and the film is quite emotional, adventurous and also very effective in the mystery department. It is one of the most authentic and sophisticated Disney outings, but also one of the most timely and I do think that it is not going to stand the test of time all that well because of its politics.

Zootopia Movie Review


4. Moana

Now Moana is the better of the two Disney films released in 2016, at least in my opinion. It isn’t great, but it is a return to those high adventure movies of yesteryear with such a fun, spirited adventure and again phenomenal characterization. Moana is a very well realized protagonist and the rest of the characters are also pretty good. The animation is of course beautiful, but the highlight is the soundtrack with future classics such as We Know the Way and How Far I’ll Go. It has no villains or love interest and thus relies on dialogue which should have been better plus some of the meta humor was awfully annoying, but it’s still a very pleasant adventure which I ended up liking quite a bit.

Moana Movie Review


3. The Princess and the Frog

This is probably the second most controversial choice as, I don’t know why personally, but The Princess and the Frog is pretty much disliked and by some even hated Disney movie. To me it certainly has its flaws as the villain is particularly ineffective, but I absolutely loved most of its characters ranging from excellent Tiana to superbly developed Prince Naveen to hilarious, sweet Charlotte to wonderful Mama Odie etc. The hand-drawn animation is beautiful and the soundtrack is actually one of Disney’s best of all time with hits such as Almost There, Friends on the Other Side and Dig a Little Deeper. It is the film that mixes traditional with contemporary the best out of all the movies here and thus it gets its deserved third spot.

The Princess and the Frog Movie Review


2. Wreck-It Ralph

It was a pretty close race for the first place, but eventually I decided to put Wreck-It Ralph in the second spot. Still that is not to say that it isn’t great as it is an absolutely terrific feat of filmmaking and one of the best Disney films of all time, certainly in the top 15 or so. You need heart, characters and story to be a non-musical Disney classic. You’ve got it all here. The film is extremely moving and sometimes it almost made me cry, the character development is magnificent with Ralph and Vanellope being outstanding and I adored both of them plus the story is a one of a kind take on video games with unprecedented originality to its approach and extraordinary world-building. It is a modern, different kind of animal, but a future classic for the studio all the same.

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review


1. Tangled

And the number one has to go to Tangled! This is without a doubt one of the best Disney films of all time and certainly the best in the Revival era. I’ve seen it three times by now and I love it more every next time I see it. As in the case above, this again has everything. Rapunzel is a wonderful Disney Princess and Flynn Ryder is a competent Disney Prince. The animal sidekicks are fun and memorable and Mother Gothel is one of the most menacing and brightest Disney villains ever. The animation is beautiful and the score and songs are so good with I See the Light being a wonderful ballad and I’ve Got a Dream being such a cute, charming tavern song. It has an excellent, traditional story and many unforgettable, moving scenes such as the romantic lantern scene and the parent reunion scene. Tangled truly is a modern Disney classic and thus a winner in my book.

Tangled Movie Review


Top Ten The Jetsons Episodes


Top Ten The Jetsons Episodes List

The Jetsons has 75 episodes and at least half are pretty good. Here I will be talking about only the best of the bunch and I am going to try to include all the different types of episodes and characters in them so here is my list of the ten best episodes from all three seasons. The first season is naturally the most representative one on the list as it is by far the best.


10. Millionaire Astro

Every Astro-centric episode is bound to be at least solid and this is one of the best ones for sure. In it we learn that he had an owner before and he comes to take him home and a big custody battle ensues. This is a pretty big issue which should prove relatable to adoptive pet owners as well as adoptive parents which is why the episode is so wonderful.

Image result for millionaire astro gif


9. Father/Daughter Dance

As a rare 3rd season episode on this list, this one surely is pretty beautiful. I loved how the situation escalated and developed and it was nice seeing Grandpa Jetson again. But Judy is pretty good here and of course seeing George tell his boss off in order to dance with his daughter was the highlight of this very nice father/daughter storyline.

Image result for father/daughter dance jetsons


8. Fantasy Planet

This is such a good, valuable episode with a great message for children as in it we see the entire family live their dream for a while until realizing that their life was pretty great without their dreams. Each family member got their moment to shine here which was admirable.

Image result for fantasy planet jetsons


7. The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane

I love the episodes which center on the Jetsons marriage and this one was a late, but wonderful excursion where we reminisce how they fell in love. The twist that their marriage was never legal was very interesting as it presented them a great opportunity to have another honeymoon.

Image result for the cosmic courtship of george and jane


6. Las Venus

This is an expected Flintstones-inspired episode where George has to balance his work with satisfying his wife all the while being sexually hunted basically by another woman. It has a great use of solid situational comedy and it’s an episode that has it all from work to love to shenanigans.

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5. Jane’s Driving Lesson

I know. This episode is extremely sexist. Extremely! But this is the sixties we’re talking about and honestly it was downright hilarious seeing Jane scare off her driving instructors by her terrible driving because women are of course terrible drivers. I do realize that this may not be funny to many people, but to me watching it in context and embracing it in a way provided me with the opportunity to laugh with and at it and it truly is the funniest episode of them all.

The Jetsons Season 1 Review


4. The Coming of Astro

Of course this is the quintessential episode with Astro and a great example of how this show really knew how to make great introductory episodes to its characters. Here we get acquainted with Astro in a fantastic, moving way and seeing him face the robot dog and seeing George starting to care for him was wonderful. It has a great message of how real, natural pets will just never be replaced and I appreciated it tremendously.

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3. Miss Solar System

This is a phenomenal episode which again utilized on its situational comedy beautifully. Here Jane attends and actually wins the titular title and George is left surprised and with a newfound appreciation of his wife’s beauty. A very funny episode with great interactions between the two.

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2. A Visit from Grandpa

This is an episode which introduced us to this elderly scoundrel who also made my top ten characters of this show list. Here he is very funny with his loud and energetic personality and I loved the message of this episode as it shows us that you may stay young at heart even at 110.

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1. Rosey the Robot

It is ridiculous that she rarely got more screen time in the first season when she was so wonderfully introduced to us here as a force to be reckoned with. This is a perfect number one spot as it is another introductory episode and the best of them all and the very first. Here we are introduced not just to Rosie but to the entire family for the first time superbly and the entire story with how Rosie became the member of the family was so well told. The best.

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Ranking The Jetsons Characters


Ranking The Jetsons Characters List

The Jetsons does have a bit bigger cast of characters than its 60s counterpart The Flintstones, but it is the much weaker of the two as only a couple are truly great and the rest are either good or downright forgettable. Here is my ranking of all the characters that appear at least in a couple of episodes on this show.


14. Orbitty

Yes, I may be cold-hearted for putting this adorable creature at the bottom of the list, but there is just nothing to it except that it is, as I said, pretty darn cute. Literally nothing is memorable about this pet character and it was quite underutilized on the show. Astro is a much better pet character and thus he gets a pretty high spot on my list.

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13. Mrs. Spacely

Mrs. Spacely serves her purpose as Cosmo’s overbearing wife in terms of storytelling and situational comedy, but she is a stereotypical boring, rich, fat wife with a monotonous voice and uninviting personality. She never really gets anything to do on the show and she was never particularly likable.

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12. Henry Orbit

Now here is the character who gets such a low spot mainly because he was so frustratingly underutilized. But other than that and the fact that he basically disappears in the 80s seasons, he is such an endearing old man and a great friend of the Jetsons family.

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11. Uniblab

Uniblab gets only a couple of episodes, but he does make a pretty solid impression as this H.A.L. 9000 influenced robot who is pretty cold and calculated. I loved George’s constant annoyance at this robot and those episodes were quite funny.

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10. R.U.D.I.

Being George Jetson’s loyal computer, R.U.D.I is another underutilized, highly underused character on the show (you see the pattern here). But he is very endearing and with a particularly memorable, charming design to him.

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9. Mr. Cogswell

Mr. Cogswell is your typical cartoon boss and rival to Mr. Spacely. He never really got more to do here than just be a rival to Cosmo, but he was memorable in that role and sometimes quite competent. Their rivalry was overused, but a lot of fun for the most part.

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8. Judy

As my least favorite member of the Jetsons family, Judy is your typical 60s cartoon teenage girl meaning that her portrayal is rather sexist and stereotypical plus she can be hard to love at times. But she got much better as the series progressed, especially in the eighties, as she got some quality, self-progress episodes there.

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7. Elroy

I also do not care a whole lot for this kid. Elroy is again your typical cartoon kid and although he gets more to do than Pebbles ever did, his adventures went from childlike and sweet to annoying and repetitive pretty quickly. He can be cute and sweet, but for the most part there is nothing more to him.

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6. Jane

Jane is another stereotypical character, this time a wife who is a housewife with her entire job being to take care of the children and the house. But she did have quite a lot of memorable episodes and sometimes she got more to do than just be a housewife which was refreshing whenever it happened. Her relationship with George is very sweet.

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5. Montague Jetson

I absolutely loved this crazy old man. He is an overly active and over-the-top member of the family and seeing the oldest person behave as the youngest one was refreshing, wonderful and quite funny. He was ruined in the 80s episode where he basically portrayed a pervert, but at least before that he was such a lovable, goofy old man.

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4. Astro

Astro is great. Yes, his design and inclusion of a voice got me some time getting used to, but I loved how he was portrayed as a genuine member of the family and, as a dog owner and person myself, that matters to me. He got a great backstory and such a phenomenal relationship with both George and Elroy.

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3. Mr. Spacely

Mr. Spacely is certainly a typical cartoon boss, but a very good one nonetheless. Although his episodes were overplayed a bit too much at times, his relationship with George was awesome and him constantly firing him was the most memorable running gag of the entire show. His rivalry with Cogswell is well established, his marriage issues as well and the highlight was seeing him and George switch their roles in a couple of episodes.

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2. Rosie

Rosie is awesome, there is no denying that. Although shamefully underused in the 60s, at least in the eighties she got a lot more deserved screen time. Her every episode was mostly a big winner, her interactions with the entire family were excellent and her robot love pursues were a lot of a fun. She is a robot, but she does hold the entire family together when you think about it and that was a great choice for the character.

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1. George Jetson

George Jetson is no Fred Flintstone, that’s for sure. And in some instances he may be a copy of Fred. But he was mostly his own character and without a doubt the most memorable and essential character of The Jetsons. Whether as a great husband to Jane or a caring father to Judy, whether as a devoted yet frustrated employee of Cosmo, he is bound to make you laugh and cheer for him and he is the heart and soul of the entire show and undoubtedly the best developed character on it. A definite number one this time around.

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Best and Worst Films from September 2017


Best and Worst Films from September 2017



Best Films from September 2017:


3. Talk to Her

September was a solid month for me with the best movies I watched mostly being in its second half. ‘Lepa sela lepo gore’ is an honorable mention for this list and the third place definitely goes to Talk to Her which is in my opinion the best Almodovar film. It is a one of a kind story of two men who befriend each other while their girlfriends are in a coma. The film is very complex both emotionally and thematically and a work of immense power and originality.

Talk to Her Movie Review


2. It

It is one of 2017’s best movies for sure. I have been a fan of the novel ever since I read it around ten years ago and finally I got a worthwhile and faithful movie adaptation. The strengths of this movie are twofold: one is its terror and it truly is one of the most frightening movies that I have ever seen and another one is its extremely strong character development which coupled with awesome performances across the board led to amazing character dynamic and emotion.

It Movie Review


1. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

And the best movie from September is literally the last movie I watched on the last day of this month and that is The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. This is just such a brilliant film. It features terrific performances from James Stewart, John Wayne and Lee Marvin in the roles that fit each of them like a glove. It also has excellent humor and evident heart at its core. But it is the strongest thematically speaking as its story of politics, the legend becoming a fact and the modernization of the Old West is rich, deep and clever and fueled with a powerful message about the necessities of physical confrontation.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Movie Review


Worst Films from September 2017:


3. A Ghost Story

I’ve also seen some real stinkers during September and one of them is definitely this pretentious mediocrity. It is not as bad as the rest of the movies on this list are but it is still a mediocre affair. A Ghost Story squanders its awesome premise on terrible, pretentious execution and it is just such a pointless bore to sit through.

A Ghost Story Movie Review


2. Amarcord

Amarcord is one of Fellini’s worst movies and that says a lot as he has more than a couple of crappy films in his filmography. This one shows all of his excesses such as the obsession with sex and vulgarities and it is such an overly loud, pointless and pretentious film that is at its core a movie about nothing more than just immature yelling and sex.

Amarcord Movie Review


1. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Of course the number one goes to this infamous flick which is by far the worst entry in both Alien and Predator franchises. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is infinitely worse than its admittedly silly, but fun predecessor. It is a bad movie by all means with dull action, stupid characters and absolutely horrible cinematography as you cannot see a thing here. I did not expect much in terms of storytelling here, but I at least expected to be entertained and instead I was bored. That is why this first spot is more than deserved for the likes of this nothingness.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Movie Review