Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters


Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters

Of the three lists I’ve made concerning Disney’s Dark Age (ranking the movies and best songs), this one was by far the most difficult as there unfortunately aren’t a lot of truly great and memorable characters during this particular period. And that led to the second half of the list being somewhat weaker. But the first half is still good with many good and some even excellent characters. Of course this is my personal list and I only included the ones which I deem great regardless of the popular opinion. So here we are.


Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters10. Tigger

 He may be a bit too hyperactive to some, but he still remains my personal favorite resident of the Hundred Acre Wood and yes, he is to me more endearing than the big old bear himself. He got a pretty good story in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and I really liked his interactions with the rest of the team, in particular Pooh and Rabbit. And he also has one of the most entertaining songs in that movie in very catchy The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers.


Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters 9. Dodger

Oliver & Company doesn’t have great characters and Dodger isn’t great either, but he’s nevertheless pretty good and I really liked his debonair and cool personality. Billy Joel did a really good job with this role and it’s one of the better personality voice performances. He succeeds as a very good supporting character as he really cared for the orange kitten and he is also a really good leader of the entire team.



Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters8. Basil and David Q. Dawson

I cheated and put two characters instead of one in a single slot and I repeated that a couple of times on this list too, but that is because some characters are just inseparable from one another and that’s certainly the case with this charming duo. These renditions of Watson and Holmes could have been rehashed, but they are actually very good as Dawson is exceedingly endearing and Basil is a memorable genius and the two truly share a wonderful friendship.


Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters7. Gurgi

I don’t know what this animal is, but it doesn’t matter and his design makes him all the more authentic. The Black Cauldron is a very dark movie, but Gurgi is a comic relief and the only comedic character in the entire film. He is very sympathetic and although his progression from selfish to selfless is typical, it is still very well done and quite moving at times. His subplot is so strong that I actually consider him to be the protagonist of this story in his own right.


 Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters6. Tod and Copper

Another wonderful duo and the titular Fox and the Hound, you just have to love these two. They aren’t the best developed Disney characters, but they are so likable and childlike at first while becoming mature later on in a great, meaningful story. Their friendship is one of the strongest in the entire Disney canon and it is so well realized that their eventual separation becomes immensely heartbreaking and difficult to watch.


Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters5. Thomas O’Malley

Yes, he is too similar to Baloo from The Jungle Book because the voice comes once again from superb Phil Harris, but unlike Robin Hood’s Little John, Thomas is actually a very good and memorable character who steals the show whenever he is on screen. Cool, but also caring, he serves as a great love interest for Duchess and a great father figure for the little kittens plus his musical sense is admirable.


 Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters4. Amos Slade and Widow Tweed

They are to me inarguably better developed and more memorable characters than Tod and Copper themselves thanks to such wonderful and realistic personalities. I had to put both of them on this list as they end up together and it was very entertaining watching their rivalry. Amos Slade is an amusing irritable huntsman whereas Widow Tweed is both a strong female character and a wonderful mother figure. She is such a kind soul.


 Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters3. The Horned King

The Horned King is undoubtedly one of Disney’s finest villains of all time and he just might be the most dangerous and scary. His goal is beyond typical, but his appearance is so creepy as is his menacing voice and he is such a strong villain who rarely made a mistake and posed real threat from beginning to end. I remember being scared a lot by him when I was a kid which is a testament to how frightening he is and how truly dark and mature this film is.


 Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters2. Professor Ratigan

The Horned King may be more dangerous, but Ratigan is definitely more memorable as The Great Mouse Detective’s standout aspect. Not only is he a pretty effective and strong villain, but he is also a fun character with such a great song and great interactions with both his henchmen and Basil himself. And I just loved his animation, his backstory and of course the magnificent, unforgettable voice provided by Vincent Price.


 Top Ten Disney Dark Age Characters1. Bernard and Miss Bianca

Again, I cheated here as I put two characters on top of the list. However, in my defense, I would have put either of them singularly on top nevertheless as they are so great both individually and as a team. Bernard is such a likable dude for whom you root for from the start and Miss Bianca is such a wonderfully adventurous, exceptionally strong female character at the time when Disney lacked in really strong heroines. But watching them together is the highlight of both The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under and they didn’t get nearly enough to do in the latter movie unfortunately. Such a charming and wonderful couple that stands as one of Disney’s best.


Honorable Mentions:

Napoleon and Lafayette – These two comic reliefs of The Aristocats are certainly the products of their time, but they nonetheless made me laugh due to a great dynamic and some fun lines.

Wilbur – He is a bit too goofy in my opinion, but he is still a pretty solid comic relief who actually got some pretty amusing moments throughout the whole flick.

Fagin – Such a kind and tragic soul, I really liked this character who didn’t get a lot to do, but was endearing and he had some heartwarming moments with his dog team.



Top Ten South Park Characters

Top Ten South Park Characters……………………………………………………………………….

Top Ten South Park Characters

Unlike most animated shows, South Park admittedly does have fewer characters, but that works in its favor as it leads to a much better development of those who are there. On this list you aren’t going to see those serious characters so no Kyle or Stan either as I focused on humor and listed those who are the funniest and most memorable. A lot of these are supporting and do not appear as much, but all of them left a lasting impression. So here we are.


Top Ten South Park Characters- Satan10. Satan

Satan had to be on this list because he is one of the most original and crazy characters here. His relationship with Saddam Hussein is ridiculous as is his entire personality, but that makes him all the more funnier. He is a needy teenage girl at heart and nobody ever depicted this figure as such and that’s what makes him an unforgettable, funny character that stole the show whenever he appeared and his defining hour definitely came in the South Park movie.



Top Ten South Park Characte- Kenny McCormick9. Kenny McCormick

He doesn’t say much and he only mutters through his hood, but that alone leads to a lot of the humor where we guess what he’s saying. Now the running gag throughout the first half of the series’ run was him dying and although they scraped that later on, they still gave us an explanation for that in the great Coon trilogy. But he is an amusing character thanks to his obsession with sex and in particular titties and every episode with that was a winner.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Mr. Mackey8. Mr. Mackey

One of the best South Park teachers, Mr. Mackey is consistently funny and we’ve seen him grow in many episodes throughout the seasons, even learning about his troubled past in Insheeption. Yes, he doesn’t appear all that much, but he is always welcome in an episode as he brings not only the humor, but a lot of heart as well. And of course his signature, unforgettable catchphrase – “Mmkay”.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Al Gore7. Al Gore

Yes, I cheated here a bit as he isn’t an original South Park creation, but a celebrity parody, but I just had to include him as he is the best celebrity work in the series without any doubt. They depicted him brutally, but watching him run around in that cape, all lonely and talking about the imaginary ManBearPig was hilarious and his nasal speech was so funny. He is the character who should have been much more used as he consistently delivered.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Sergeant Yates6. Sergeant Yates

This crazy lunatic did not appear until the second half of the show, but he cemented his status very quickly as one of South Park’s funniest residents. His humor is twofold. One of them is sexual and his role in Butters’ Bottom Bitch is absolutely hysterical. But his other role is even better as this very ignorant racist who always wants to frame black people. He is the character who works best in small doses and that is what we got and whenever he appears on the screen, he is bound to get some big laughs.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Stephen Stotch5. Stephen Stotch

As the craziest and most strict member of the Stotch family, Stephen’s rigorous parenting methods are highly questionable, but very entertaining with his signature “You are grounded, mister!” being consistently hilarious. A lot can be explained about Butters when you look at his crazy father who is not only terrible to Butters, but also a closeted gay man and there is a lot of the humor to be had there along with his always present sense of paranoia.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Randy Marsh4. Randy Marsh

Randy is your typical dumb character that all of these shows have in common, but he lifts that to a whole new level as he truly is very amusing to follow. He got a bit repetitive during the last couple of seasons, but all of his earlier episodes were classics and some of the best of the series. And he is the most cartoony character here with very crazy, ridiculous antics, albeit done in a typically brutal and mature South Park fashion.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Mr. Garrison3. Mr. Garrison

It was a toss-up between these two, but Garrison ended up being higher on the list just for the reason that he was consistently great which Randy wasn’t. Unfortunately they didn’t use him a lot recently if you don’t count the twentieth season, but he was the highlight of the first half of the series and the sole character that had a progression and history going from a closeted to open gay man to a trans woman to a lesbian and then again to a gay man. His ridiculous sexual/gender history is fun to follow, but his ignorant and redneck personality shined throughout all of those phases bringing a lot of the humor in the process.



AWESOME-O2. Butters Stotch

Butters is a character whom I didn’t particularly like at first as I found him to be a typical nerd, but he grew on me later as he became much better developed. He is a nerd, but he is also an outcast and his naive personality led to a lot of the humor as he is surrounded by kids acting as adults and he is the only true kid among them giving us a great clash between personalities. He is also quite a womanizer which is also a funny mix and his episodes with Cartman were some of the best in the show’s history. He has a lot of funny catchphrases and he is a bright, childlike sunshine in an otherwise bleak, adult world.



Top Ten South Park Characters- Eric Cartman1. Eric Cartman

Was there ever any doubt? Cartman is the king of South Park and the only character that consistently delivered and was always present from beginning to end. His narcissistic, even sociopath and psychopath behavior is very admirable and he goes to some extremes during the series’ run, but always with hilarious results. His relationship with all of the other characters is terrific, he is nuanced and very well developed and acted and he has a plethora of funny catchphrases too. The highlights include his anti-Semitic attitude toward Kyle, his racist remarks to Token and his relationship with Butters whom he humiliated many times. He is not only South Park’s finest, but also one of the most memorable and best TV characters ever created.


Honorable Mentions:

Lu Kim – A great cartoony character with an excellent backstory, he is amusing and welcome whenever he appears, whether trying to retain customers or fighting Mongolians.

Jesus – A funny walking satire, but a great character in its own right, Jesus is not only hilarious, but also always arriving when needed and having a great mythology to himself.

Chef – He isn’t as funny as the rest on this list are, but still an important part of the earlier seasons and such a great friend to the boys’ with a lot of heart.



Top Twenty South Park Episodes

Top Twenty South Park Episodes……………………………………………………………………..

Top Twenty South Park Episodes

South Park is one of my favorite shows and undoubtedly one of the best animated series of all time. And with the exception of the first and last couple of seasons, all of the seasons were in my opinion fantastic, each with its fair share of classic episodes. So making this list was extremely difficult for me. In fact, it is the most difficult list I’ve made so far. I tried to be more diverse and to put episodes of all types and with as many characters as possible. So without further ado, here are in my opinion the twenty best South Park episodes (because the ten slots were just not enough in this case).


Poor and Stupid 20. Poor and Stupid

Coming in at number twenty is Poor and Stupid from one of the best seasons which is the fourteenth one. Here you have one of those classic episodes with Butters and Cartman. The episodes that have these two together are usually some of the best and this is no exception. But you also have Kenny and watching him get frustrated by Cartman’s ignorance toward NASCAR fans produced many great chuckles. The other subplot is also very good, but Cartman fuels this episode with a couple of instantly recognizable, absolutely hilarious lines and rarely has he amusingly insulted Kenny more than in here.

Over Logging

19. Over Logging

In this episode, the Marsh family joins a mass-migration when internet access dries up in Colorado. This isn’t one of the funniest episodes on this list as it only has a couple of hilarious scenes with Randy’s masturbation sequence being hysterical, but it is the episode that is one of the most relatable while also being one of the most alarming as it cleverly showcases our obsession with the internet and how we basically treat it as food and water. And those black-and-white sequences were both clever and very amusing.

Breast Cancer Show Ever18. Breast Cancer Show Ever

Breast Cancer Show Ever is one of those South Park episodes that are just fun and surely it is incredibly entertaining watching Wendy beat up Cartman. There isn’t any social or political commentary here and that’s more than okay as I wish that more episodes were like this one these days. The build-up was excellent and it was fun watching Cartman do anything to get away from their confrontation. It is one of the best episodes for Wendy and the story that is perfectly constructed and genuinely funny from start to finish with a terrific conclusion.

17. Go God Go

In this futuristic adventure, Cartman is unable to wait three weeks for the new console so he freezes himself and ends up in the far future where atheists rule which was all set up by Mrs. Garrison. This is a great two-part story, but I chose the first part as it is the funnier one. The sequence in which Garrison mockingly explains evolution to the children is easily one of the most memorable and hilarious in the show’s history, but the entire story here is super inventive with an awesome score, some great twists, a hilarious satire on atheism and featuring very funny Cartman.

Pre-School16. Pre-School

Another one of the simpler South Park stories, Pre-School is about a bully who gets released from prison and goes on a revenge spree and his target are the four boys. The plot is really well crafted with excellent flashbacks and the sequences with Miss Claridge were hysterical in their admittedly brutal manner. And I found the conclusion to this story very satisfying. It is one of the many great episodes of the eighth season which is the series’ very best.

 Christian Hard Rock15. Christian Hard Rock

Cartman starts a Christian rock band with humorous results. Here all of the boys are very well utilized including Token to whom Cartman had some very amusing things to say. It features one of the best South Park songs in Jesus Baby which is a catchy, but absolutely hysterical song with crazy lyrics. The rivalry between the boys was excellent here as is the mockery of this type of music. And although brutal, the ending in which Token beats up Eric and Butters farts in his face is one of the more memorable punch conclusions where Cartman loses everything.


Cartmanland14. Cartmanland

Cartman’s dream of owning an amusement park finally comes true in this very strong early episode for the series. The subplot with Kyle is perfectly incorporated into the whole and once again we have a great ending in which Cartman loses everything and Kyle restores his faith in God. Some of the highlights here include the doctor’s scenes as well as the scenes when Cartman forbids the boys to come into his park.


Proper Condom Use13. Proper Condom Use

Proper Condom Use came right after Cartmanland in a very respectable season and it’s even better. It is one of the more crazy and sexual episodes, especially this early in its run, and it features some of the best uses of Mr. Mackey ever as his relationship with a co-teacher was very entertaining (and graphic) to watch. But it’s a great message episode as it showcases just how clueless people can be about sex and how badly they can teach it to their pupils. Mr. Garrison’s classes here were absolutely hilarious.


Chinpokomon12. Chinpokomon

A terrific, very clever attack on Japanese influence on the Western culture and especially anime, Chinpokomon truly is amazing. The highlights were all of the sequences with the Japanese men and all of the jokes about their small penis size. It is fascinating how perfectly they utilized the humor into this satire and created an episode that is relevant and yet consistently humorous.



11. The Passion of the Jew

The Passion of the Jew finds Cartman at his most anti-semitic. I thought their ridicule of ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was on-point and the subplot with Kyle is very sophisticated. Mel Gibson’s portrayal here is crazy and he’s one of the most memorable South Park celebrities for sure. Watching Cartman march and talk in German is the highlight, but the episode is never just funny, but also very smart with a thought-provoking subject matter.




AWESOME-O is another classic with an awesome Butters/Cartman dynamic. Here this dynamic probably got the fullest treatment with many twists and turns. Of course the scientist’s speech while he’s dying is just hysterical, but Eric is easily the highlight here and Butters is just as good. The episode entirely rests on these two and it is a perfect showcase of how great together they can be. And the structure in which it starts simple and yet unfolds in a bigger way later on is a classic SP structure superbly executed here.



Woodland Critter Christmas9. Woodland Critter Christmas

This is one of the most atypical episodes on this list, but that makes it all the more interesting and unique. With a frequently funny narration, the best possible use of Stan’s character, a great twist and such diabolical titular creatures, it is the episode that is one of the most brutal and unexpected of the bunch and it cleverly twists its children’s format on its head and makes it a delightful horror tale in its own right.



Goobacks8. Goobacks

Now I know that I am in the minority here as this isn’t one of the most acclaimed episodes of this show, but to me it is spectacular and it is even better every time I see it. The futuristic premise is clever and exciting, but the episode succeeds as a great social commentary while still being a sci-fi comedy in its roots. The highlights of course include that crazy orgy at the end and the line “They took our jobs!” which is one of the most memorable South Park quotes ever.



Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset7. Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

Featuring the best use of Mr. Slave yet, this one has it all – crazy sexual scenes and a perfect use of both of its subplots. The Butters subplot is terrific, but the highlight is naturally Paris Hilton who is without any doubt one of the show’s greatest celebrity parodies. The dog scene is laugh-out-loud funny and the competition near the end is one of the most unexpectedly shocking things Parker and Stone have managed to put in.



Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina6. Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina

This is Garrison’s finest hour and truly he is fantastic here. The sex change subject matter is not handled in a subtle manner, but the episode is nonetheless a great one as it is one of the funniest on this list. It is funny consistently and Gerald Broflovski is at his finest here as well. I liked all of the subplots here, but watching Garrison take a womanly role led to many hysterical moments and even more amusing lines.



Red Hot Catholic Love5. Red Hot Catholic Love

Of course the subplot with mouth defecating is juvenile and gross, but still very humorous and it ties well into the overall storyline which is very sophisticated and such a great exploration of the church and its accusations of child molestation. Father Maxi is very memorable in such a great role for him and both of these stories end in a great way and this is one of the best written episodes for the duo.



Cartman Joins NAMBLA4. Cartman Joins NAMBLA

This is another episode concerning child molestation and the creators certainly were obsessed with this particular subject a bit too much, but this one is the best and the quintessential one. It is one of the earliest episodes on this list and it’s so well crafted and consistently funny with Cartman being at its core and delivering many great laughs. I particularly liked the final moment where he had to apologize and still couldn’t do it which was so in-line for the character.



Butters' Bottom Bitch3. Butters’ Bottom Bitch

For the best Butters episode, look no further than in the next entry, but this one is close as it is just such a perfect use of this character and most especially of his womanizing aspect to his personality. Pimping is so superbly utilized here and even more memorable in the second subplot with Sergeant Yates who continues to be one of the best supporting characters for the show. He is just endlessly funny this time around and this episode is one of the most sexually graphic and featuring such a great ending and such a great quote in – “Freeze! I’m a Cop!”



The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs2. The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

This episode isn’t regarded as well as it deserves to be. It truly is a classic and one of the smartest and most relatable episodes for sure. Butters is at his best here and not only do we see him confront the guys successfully, but we also see his amusing infatuation with Kim Kardashian. But the episode succeeds owing to its perfect satire on the stupidity of critics, especially of literary works, as they find meaning in even the most meaningless of works. Some even go so far as to state that this is the satire concerning Parker and Stone themselves, but I disagree as these two prove in this episode alone that they consistently produce thematically rich and deep stories and this would be their finest if it wasn’t for…


Scott Tenorman Must Die1. Scott Tenorman Must Die

Yes, this has to take the number one spot for a variety of reasons. One of them is the fact that this is the episode that doesn’t revolve around politics and is simplistic in the best way possible and this kind of episodes I love the best. Another reason is the episode’s humor which is strong and the structure which is even stronger and emphasizing many great twists and a shocking ending. But the biggest reason why this has to be the best South Park episode of all time lies in its groundbreaking approach which is twofold. Not only do we see here for the first time an episode with just one plot instead of two or more subplots, but we also see the first portrayal of the newly established type of Eric Cartman, the one that is not just a spoiled brat, but also a clever psychopath, and thankfully this version will eventually stay with us forever which is again a testament to how influential this episode is.


Honorable Mentions:

Creme Fraiche – Unfortunately I didn’t put enough Randy episodes on the list, but this one deserves the mention as he is so funny here and Sharon gets her finest part to date.

South Park Is Gay! – It becomes a bit too crazy in its conclusion in the typical South Park fashion, but watching everybody turn gay was bound to give some good laughs which it did.

D-Yikes! – Crazy Garrison, after his sex change, becomes a lesbian in this action-packed, yet absolutely hysterical episode that again showcases how funny he can be.

Make Love, Not Warcraft – They perfectly made fun of this game and its players here utilizing all of its characters superbly and even showcasing some very fitting game animation.

A Million Little Fibers – I had to put this little underappreciated gem here somewhere. It is the best use of otherwise dull Towelie and Oprah’s private parts becoming alive was ingenious.



Top Ten Popeye the Sailor Films

Top Ten Popeye the Sailor Films………………………………………………………………..

Top Ten Popeye the Sailor Films

Popeye is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of its time and although his popularity has waned in recent times, he is to me a wonderful character and his series is magnificent and one of the best series of theatrical animated shorts in the thirties. It features a variety of unforgettable characters such as Olive and Bluto and it mostly managed to satisfy with its mix of good action and terrific humor. And although its quality stumbled later on in the early 40s, it was amazing during most of its 1930s run. So without further ado, here is my list of the best Popeye the Sailor short films. This is my personal list and I have to say that I only included the Fleischer entries on this list. So here we go.


 Hospitaliky Review10. Hospitaliky

This 1937 Popeye entry is unique for featuring a very different spinach use than anything done before or after it. Popeye usually eats spinach to gather strength to beat his opponents, but here he gave it to Bluto so Bluto could beat him up and he would end up in a hospital treated by Olive. It isn’t as funny as some of the other entries on this list, but it surely is entertaining with excellent action and a one of a kind, unforgettable premise beautifully executed.



Bridge Ahoy! Review9. Bridge Ahoy!

 This one benefits from such an outstanding usage of the bridge. The series has had many high-altitude settings like this throughout the years, but rarely has it been utilized this well and with some absolutely fantastic action sequences. But the standout here is Wimpy. He is the best supporting character in the Popeye canon and here he is hilarious. The scene in which he chose to get mustard instead of helping Popeye emphasized his obsession with sandwiches brilliantly and is probably the funniest scene in the series’ run.


Sock-a-Bye, Baby Review8. Sock-a-Bye, Baby

This short follows Popeye trying to get rid of all the noise in order to keep the baby asleep. That concept was refreshing for its time as Popeye is the only character present here along with the baby. And although this formula would become really tired eventually in the series’ last years during those weak years in the beginning of the 40s, here it was done in a very good manner and the short is funny and ends superbly.



The Two-Alarm Fire Review7. The Two-Alarm Fire

Popeye must firefight Olive’s house and save her while Bluto is there to make everything more difficult for him. And eventually he saves both of them and when Popeye makes sure that Bluto is okay, he punches him in the film’s climax. This premise sounds amazing, but the execution is more than great as well. It features one of Popeye’s funniest and most satisfying endings ever plus the action is amazing and it is a prime example of wacky physics in cartoons done right.


Be Kind to "Aminals" Review6. Be Kind to “Aminals”

This cartoon features one of the funniest remarks about Olive’s physique ever in a great Bluto line. I have always really enjoyed the humor surrounding and here it is especially good. But watching Bluto harass a poor horse and then Popeye and Olive teaching him a lesson is naturally immensely rewarding with such a hilarious ending and with all three of the characters being top-notch this time around.




5. Axe Me Another

In this one Popeye saves Olive whom Bluto threw into the river and then the two square off by comparing their strength on the surrounding trees. Axe Me Another again features all three iconic characters in their full form which I of course adore, but it is not only funny, but also terrific in action. In fact, it features probably some of the best action sequences in the series with Popeye punching and chopping trees being the inventive highlight.



Beware of Barnacle Bill Review4. Beware of Barnacle Bill

Popeye goes to propose to Olive, but she rejects his proposal for she is engaged to another sailor. Eventually the two fight and Popeye leaves Olive. Of course I would take any entry with these two lovebirds in an instant, but this one is of the funniest and most amusing kind. Olive’s line – “There goes the navy. Here comes the army!” – is so funny and it perfectly encapsulates her character in just one sentence. A hilarious film.



The "Hyp-Nut-Tist" Review3. The “Hyp-Nut-Tist”

This entry is absolutely brilliant and it deservedly takes the third spot just because of Bluto. Popeye and Olive go to a magician’s show. The magician happens to be Bluto and he ridicules the two before Popeye beats him in the end. Yes, Popeye triumphs of course, but not easily at all. This is undoubtedly Bluto’s finest hour ever as he proved to be an exceptionally formidable opponent here and I loved that change in pace and it was very funny watching him torment the two.


Learn Polikeness Review2. Learn Polikeness

A rare late entry on this list, 1938’s Learn Polikeness features Bluto teaching Popeye how to be a gentleman. Not only do we have both of the men at their best here, but we also have a plot that centers around Popeye’s brute behavior and of course that’s awesome. He has always been such a redneck, but here that is emphasized magnificently in a short that is very funny and almost perfectly constructed.



For Better or Worser Review1. For Better or Worser

This 1935 entry sees Popeye trying to find a wife mainly for cooking and the service provides him Olive, but he has to fight with Bluto to get her. Eventually he sees how ugly she is with all of the make-up and dumps her. That ending is just hysterical and I laughed so hard watching it. It is one of the funniest scenes in any cartoon ever. But the whole film is phenomenal with a gorgeous attention to detail and a great look at 1930s dating scene. It features Popeye and Olive at their very best. They are always great together, but here they are unforgettable. Hilarious and perfectly executed, For Better or Worser is without any doubt the best Popeye short film of them all and it had to take my number one spot.


Honorable Mentions:

I Yam Love Sick – Here Popeye fools the doctors that he is sick so that Olive would care for him. it is naturally so funny, but also featuring some incredibly inventive moments in the hospital.

The Twisker Pitcher – As the only really good sports-oriented Popeye cartoon, it features hilarious Olive and such an inventive use of spinach as Popeye plants it himself before eating it.

Wild Elephinks – Watching Popeye fight all of the wild animals in Wild Elephinks is super rewarding and the highlight is the scene in which he makes coats out of them all.



Ranking 1940s Animated Short Oscar Winners

Ranking 1940s Animated Short Oscar Winners

Unlike the previous decade, the 40s proved to be a much more diverse decade when it comes to Oscar winners in this category. Yes, half of the winners come from Hanna-Barbera’s Tom and Jerry series, but the other half is pretty interesting with some Looney Tunes characters as well as Donald Duck being honored. So without further ado, let’s rank this rather interesting collection of shorts.


The Yankee Doodle Mouse


10.The Yankee Doodle Mouse

 This is the first of the two Tom and Jerry shorts that did not deserve their Oscars at all. The Academy really did not honor the finest in the series, but this one is undeserved whether or not you agree with the other winners. Yes, the dynamite exchange in it was a lot of fun, but this is mostly such a disappointing entry in the series that is basically war propaganda and is quite repetitive in action. It is one of the most overrated films in this series and it easily takes the last spot on this list.




9. The Little Orphan

 The Little Orphan benefits from a pretty funny finale, but it’s otherwise a tired affair and the second Tom and Jerry short that thoroughly didn’t deserve its Oscar. It is one of the most disappointing Nibbles shorts and it is the movie that is not only weak for the series’ standards, but also immensely forgettable.





The Milky Way


8. The Milky Way

This is the only film on this list that doesn’t belong in any series and it is the first Oscar winner in the category to not come from Disney. Most would argue that it deserves to be the last one here, but I would argue otherwise. Yes, it is overly cute and the plot is basically non-existent, but as the movies of this type go, it is pleasant and more childlike than childish. Plus the score is rather good and the animation is simply gorgeous.




For Scent-imental Reasons7. For Scent-imental Reasons

 This famous Merry Melody stars Pepe Le Pew and although it only takes the number seven spot here, that shouldn’t take away from its quality as it is a great cartoon and that just indicates how the rest of the entries are all exceptionally strong. This famous character is so funny here and I just loved this film both in humor and in its very well executed scenarios. Some plot points weren’t properly explored, but this is for the most part a stupendous Merry Melody with many funny moments and it is a great vehicle for this classic character.



Quiet Please!

6. Quiet Please!

And we are back with Tom and Jerry with Quiet Please! – a film that isn’t one of the series’ best, but it is one of the better ones and definitely one of the finest stories with Spike who is so memorable here. The entire short has a classic premise to it and it is wonderfully entertaining while also being very funny with a couple of terrific gags in it.





The Cat Concerto


5. The Cat Concerto

Even though I find this movie to be a bit overrated as it is a bit slow and certainly not in the top ten for the series, it is still a classic cartoon filled with many unforgettable moments. It also holds the distinction for being the first Tom and Jerry short to make use of the music perfectly and how it’s incorporated with the action here is nothing short of amazing. It is one of the most important cartoons of all time and it most definitely deserved its Academy Award.



Tweetie Pie Review4. Tweetie Pie

The only flaw in this great movie is the ending which is lacking when compared to the rest of the picture, but the rest is simply terrific and this is the only Tweety cartoon to get the Oscar and it certainly deserved it as it is so funny while also being mostly perfectly constructed with a couple of terrific action sequences, a great use of its classic characters and a great beginning which wonderfully tells us how the two got to meet for the first time.


Der Fuehrer's Face

3. Der Fuehrer’s Face

 Der Fuehrer’s Face is problematic for basically being a propaganda piece and that ending is way too pro-American and patriotic for my taste, but there is still no denying that the film is fantastic. Donald Duck has always been hilarious, but this time he is exceptionally funny and relatable and it just might be his best vehicle. But the animation is absolutely phenomenal, the soundtrack is so memorable and the film is very amusing while also being important.



Lend a Paw Review

2. Lend a Paw

 Lend a Paw is another flawed film on this list, but that still manages to transcend those flaws remarkably well. The ending is disappointing as is the humor, but watching Pluto struggle with his bad side was just wonderful. The devil/angel dynamic is great, but it is the emotion that drives this flick. Mickey Mouse is good here, that kitten is so cute and Pluto is wonderful, but it is the heartwarming story and the relationship between the characters that propels this very underrated animated short to the second spot on my list.



 Mouse Trouble


1. Mouse Trouble

 Mouse Trouble has to be the number one pick as it’s one of the best that Tom and Jerry has to offer. The premise here is classic and quintessential – Tom tries to catch the mouse in numerous ways, but fails every time. But because the execution is almost perfect, the movie ends up being an essential watch. The action is top-notch and it features some of the most amusing and perfectly elaborated scenes in the series, but the humor is also strong and the film is very funny and always entertaining. Thanks to all those reasons, Mouse Trouble is one of the best Tom and Jerry shorts and the most deserved Oscar winner of the 1940s.


Top Ten South Park Songs

Top Ten South Park Songs……………………………………………………………….

Top Ten South Park Songs

Music is one of South Park’s most underrated qualities and yet it is an essential ingredient of the show when you really think about it. It drives many sequences with humor and clever lyrics and the series actually employed a great number of songs. Not only the show, but the movie which is basically a musical and I included it on this list as well. The qualities I looked for here are clever or fun lyrics, a catchy tune and most importantly humor. So here are the ten best South Park songs of all time.



10. Merry Fucking Christmas

A hilarious song that doesn’t have the best singing in it, but benefits from Mr. Garrison’s involvement and its simply hilarious lyrics. The song is not only very catchy, but it very well showcases Garrison’s racist/xenophobic/religious ignorance and prejudices and it is such a typical South Park song in its twisting of the usual Christmas number.



9.  Work Mexican Work

Another very catchy song, Work Mexican Work takes the number nine slot because it also utilizes fun backup singing really well and it is such a great, hilarious take on this subject matter and one of a couple very amusing Butters songs, but the only one that ended up on this list.



8. You Gotta Do What You Wanna Do

As someone who is unfortunately quite well acquainted with these High School movies, this number is awesome as it sounds as if it came right from those movies. It is so admirable how they perfectly make fun of a subject matter by succumbing to its territory and this is a great example of it. It is very well sung, fun, funny and so well choreographed.



7.  Uncle Fucka

It may be annoying to some, but this ridiculous song from the South Park movie is ludicrous in the best way possible and so entertaining, if admittedly a bit too short. It is one of the greatest scenes for Terrance and Phillip and is the type of song that was more edgy in its earlier show’s history than now, but it remains very memorable.



6. Let’s Fighting Love

The first of the two anime songs on this list, it just goes to show how superbly they managed to poke fun of Japanese series and most especially their opening themes. It has a great mix of English and Japanese in its lyrics, but is such a representative, but still amusing take on anime opening numbers in a great episode too.



5. Kyle’s Mom’s a Bitch

‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut’ truly is an amazing musical movie in its own right and this is another number that comes from its great repertoire. Such a hysterical and majestic moment from Cartman back in his glorious Sheila-hating days, it is also incredibly fun to sing along and very well crafted with the highlight being of course the part with all of the children from different nations singing their own versions.



4. Princess Kenny Theme Song

And this is their second and best anime theme. It is one of the shining moments in an otherwise not great seventeenth season. The decision to make Kenny a Japanese princess was a brilliant move to make this character relevant again and this is his best moment. It is such a hopelessly catchy musical number with a great animation style to it and an overall superb scene accompanying it.



3. Up There

And the best song from the movie is undoubtedly Up There, so beautifully and admirably sung by Satan who fueled this movie to greatness. This is their finest attempt at making a Disney ballad and they successfully managed to recreate that feel, but also make fun of it with a couple of hilarious moments and a very amusing gay imagery.



2. Jesus Baby

I just love this song and it had to rank this high. It is very underrated and it perfectly makes use of Cartman’s (Trey Parker’s) terrific singing voice. Christian Hard Rock is a great episode and this is one of its highlights as it makes fun of its subject matter in the hardest and most humorous manner possible. The lyrics are hysterical, the tune is so fun and wonderfully song and I just wish that it was a bit longer.


  1. Minorities at My Water Park

The best South Park song of all time is undoubtedly this gem called Minorities at My Water Park! There are a lot of reasons why it had to take the highest spot from the great singing voice from Cartman to a very good and emotional (in a twisted way) tone, but the best reason lies in its perfect use of Cartman’s character. Through these amusing and clever lyrics we get every bit of his racism and that is what songs are supposed to do – drive the plot while most importantly showcasing the character’s motivations and personality. A true showstopper.


Honorable Mentions:

Ballad of James Cameron – So annoyingly catchy and it hilariously made fun of James Cameron and his hobby.

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel – This one wouldn’t be nearly as memorable if it weren’t for such a humorous addition of Cartman’s lyrics in its second half.

I’m Gonna Make Love to You Woman – This signature song from Chef perfectly sums up his character and although short, it is an essential part of the first half of the series.



Top Ten Tom and Jerry Films

Top Ten Tom and Jerry Films

Tom and Jerry is one of the most important classic series of animated shorts. Not only was it refreshingly brutal and mature for its time, but it is to this day entertaining and not to be missed for anyone who consider themselves animation fans. These characters are iconic, most of their films are terrific and it was tough making this list. You will see the pattern here in which most of the entries are older as the fifties proved to be the declining era for the duo. And another thing is that this is my personal opinion which means that a lot of these wouldn’t be on other top ten lists. So without further ado, here are the top ten Tom and Jerry films in my opinion.

 The Million Dollar Cat

10. The Million Dollar Cat

 In this 1944 Tom and Jerry entry, Tom inherits a large sum of money and in order to preserve it, he mustn’t harm the mouse. This premise is ripe for this series and it was executed almost flawlessly here. The use of dialogue is troublesome, but what makes this cartoon so great are Tom’s signature yelps which are hilarious and various amusing situations which are all so well utilized and in the most entertaining manner possible.




9. Baby PussBaby Puss Review

This is one of those entries that are most certainly excessive in violence. I liked that as this time around Jerry got the same treatment. It was hilarious watching Jerry join Tom in vomiting in the finale and that final moment is perfect. But everything that came before it is also great and it is one of the best films with the other cats as Butch, Topsy and Meathead are all phenomenal here. This is one of the craziest entries for sure, the one filled with violence and an admirable, weird energy to it.


Designs on Jerry Review8. Designs on Jerry

Here the big cat designs the machine to catch Jerry, but both the stick-mouse and cat come to life and the chase quickly starts. This is undoubtedly one of the most original Tom and Jerry shorts ever as the animation is amazing and this high-concept idea is fulfilled with absolutely terrific action. I love this short and it definitely deserves to be the only 1950s effort to land on this list.




7. Heavenly PussHeavenly Puss Review

 Heavenly Puss perfectly made use of the heaven obsession which was overwhelming in the forties. It is one of the best animated shorts for sure as it is gorgeous to look at, but it’s also a great, different episode where we explore another setting for once and it was accompanied by terrific score and animation. But even though it turned out it was all just a dream, that ending was still priceless in humor and just heartwarming.







A Mouse in the House6. A Mouse in the House

Tom and Butch get an order from Mammy to catch a mouse or they’ll be kicked out of the house. I adored this entry for various reasons. First of all, you get Butch and Tom in probably their best episode ever. Second of all, you get awesome Mammy who is so funny here. The humor is great and the action is quite good, but it is the ending in which both cats are kicked out of the house followed by Jerry that is the standout as we rarely see the mouse get the same treatment and it was very amusing and admirable for that.


5. Mouse TroubleMouse Trouble

 This 1944 classic Tom and Jerry short is one of the few deserved Oscar winners as unfortunately the Academy usually failed to give the award to the actual best entries from this series. But this time they made the right choice as this movie is fantastic. Tom tries to catch Jerry in numerous ways, but fails every time. It is a basic, but nonetheless quintessential formula for the duo and this entry has some of the best action sequences ever for the series.


Sufferin' Cats!


4. Sufferin’ Cats

 For anyone looking for the best cartoon with the cat Meathead in it, look no further. This is it, the very best that this character has to offer. Watching him and Tom fight over Jerry was hilarious and this movie is one of the funniest and most purely entertaining in the series’ history. But it is also one of the most violent and I was quite shocked with some of the more gruesome scenes here. It also has such a fantastic ending and it is just terrific from start to finish.




3. Solid SerenadeSolid Serenade

 This is my personal favorite on this list. Not the best, but my favorite nonetheless as I loved this one as a kid and I love it now as well as it is just so great. It is one of the rare instances where Tom’s voice is put to good use, it has some of the best animation ever for the duo as it is gorgeous to behold and it has terrific action sequences, perfectly executed and exciting. But Spike is amazing here and so memorable plus that ending with the dog house is just perfect with the maniacal laugh from both Tom and Spike being one of the funniest moments in any Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Fine Feathered Friend 



2. Fine Feathered Friend

Fine Feathered Friend benefits from some of the best supporting characters in that mother hen who humiliates Tom in some of the worst and most violent ways possible. This cartoon is exceptional not only in action which is top-notch, but also in humor as you can’t help but laugh at Tom’s misfortune here. It ends in such a shockingly violent manner, but that is something that distinguishes this series from other animated stuff and that edge to it I always respected and it’s definitely most evident and most admirable here.



1. The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas

 Yes, The Night Before Christmas has to get the number one spot. Yes, I know that it isn’t the usual choice and it isn’t the funniest cartoon for sure. But the reason why it’s the best one in my opinion has to be its importance. It is the very first entry in Tom and Jerry series where we see that the two are actually friends and kudos to the filmmakers for presenting that in the most heartwarming manner possible. This is easily the most emotional and most beautiful entry ever for the duo and watching Tom melt Jerry after he’s been frozen outside will melt your heart. And those final moments where Jerry removes the traps he’d made for Tom earlier are just wonderful. The Night Before Christmas has a huge heart and it showcases the best in both the cat and the mouse which is why it is to me their finest episode.


Honorable Mentions:

 Cue Ball CatThis one perfectly utilizes the setting of the pool hall and it features some of the finest action moments in the series as well as having both characters being equal in the fights.

The Cat ConcertoThis is of course the most famous and most acclaimed Tom and Jerry cartoon and although it utilizes music in it perfectly, it is a bit too slow for me.

Trap Happy Exhilarating in action and violent, Trap Happy also has a great use of Butch and is an all around satisfying and incredibly entertaining action-packed part.


Top Ten Don Bluth Films

Top Ten Don Bluth Films…………………………………………………………………

Top Ten Don Bluth Films

In the course of his almost twenty year career, Don Bluth has made some truly great and some really bad movies. And even though the quality of his work is uneven, those films that are good are some of the best animated films of their respectable decades. He is the director that managed to finally rival Disney in the 80s, but he also made some very solid, underrated films in the next decade as well. Here I will give the ranking of my personal favorites from him meaning that my list is a personal list therefore it is going to be different than the usual consensus, especially the number one pick. So without further ado, this is my ranking of every theatrically released Don Bluth film.


A Troll in Central Park Movie Review

1o. A Troll in Central Park

This is without any doubt, inarguably the very worst of his movies. It just has to be. Although I wouldn’t call it horrendous at it does have some decent animation in it, the characters themselves are so annoying and forgettable and the plot is so mediocre as is the dialogue. It also fails as a musical and it is such a wildly uneven, really problematic movie on every level and it can easily be seen why Don Bluth himself was so disappointed in it.






Rock-a-Doodle Movie Review


9. Rock-a-Doodle

Another mediocre movie, Rock-a-Doodle holds the distinction of being the craziest and weirdest film in the director’s filmography, but it is mostly just too odd and also unappealing. It is also the only film here that uses live-action in its storytelling and those segments were so uninspired. I get its appeal to some, especially those that grew up with it in the nineties, but it was to me too thin and overly silly.






The Pebble and the Penguin Movie Review

8. The Pebble and the Penguin

This is the last mediocre movie on the list. The animation here is probably his weakest and the characters are not only annoying, but also frustrating (the female ones are so stereotypical). Its buddy cop aspect is unoriginal and the emphasis on romance is too big. However, the reason why it is much better than the previous two movies lies in its opening scene alone. That sequence is not only beautifully animated, but is also accompanied by such a good, catchy song and it is such a shame that the rest of the movie never caught up with it.



Thumbelina Movie Review

7. Thumbelina

Thumbelina is the first movie from the director that is clearly influenced by Disney, especially in its musical format. However, it does add some crazy humor in the mix with those lunatic frogs and that was fun. And a couple of songs here are really entertaining while its animation is expectedly top-notch. But this is still just an okay movie because it fails on the character department as neither of these people is even remotely interesting or likable and the plot just goes through the motions.




An American Tail Movie Review6. An American Tail

This is probably going to be the first upset on the list, but yes, I really do not get the appeal of this movie. Yes, it has some really good moments in it, the story has some momentum and the song Somewhere Out There is just such a classic, but the characters are again forgettable (see the pattern here) and the film is, I have to be honest, dull and very slow. It wanted to be this big emotional story, but I just never experienced it as such.




Titan A.E. Movie Review5. Titan A.E.

This is undoubtedly the most underrated Don Bluth movie that lands just on the middle of my list because it is just so solid. Yes, the characterization could have been better and the film is obviously derivative and too much action oriented, but it succeeds in spades in some other areas with the emotional engagement and animation being the highlights. The mix of CGI and hand-drawn animation is terrific and the movie just looks so good, admirable given its age. But it works as a mature and very entertaining sci-fi flick that benefits from a particularly grandiose ending scene.


All Dogs Go to Heaven Movie Review


4. All Dogs Go to Heaven

Another somewhat underrated flick, All Dogs Go to Heaven has such an irresistible charm to it. It has such a big heart as some scenes are just immensely heartwarming and satisfying. It also has such a quality animation, a great relationship at the center of the film and such a moving ending. But it is just solid because the songs here are quite mediocre and the movie takes a lot of its time to get there owing to a very unpromising start.



The Land Before Time Movie Review


3. The Land Before Time

The film that grew on me upon second viewing, The Land Before Time truly is brave in its major death scene and even though it eventually succumbs to a kiddy affair with an overly simplistic plot, those characters are cute enough, the animation is just as pleasant in its traditional approach and the film is a trendsetter in its at first mature tone, though it led to a jarring shift eventually. It could have been much better, but is still quite solid.




2 of 879 Print all In new window The Secret of NIMH Movie Review


2. The Secret of NIMH

And this is it. The major upset. The magnum opus of Don Bluth’s whole career only takes the second spot on my list owing to again really uninspired characters, well most of them at least. But even though it is too cold, it is so mature and such a different than usual animated film, especially for its time, that I really admire it and I find its status to be deserved. The mystical elements here are awesome, the story is so well crafted and the animation is mesmerizing. It is a very good film, but it isn’t better than…





Anastasia Movie Review1. Anastasia

And the number one spot goes to Anastasia! I love this film! It isn’t a perfect film as some of its elements aren’t the greatest and it has too many songs, but the majority of those songs are absolutely fantastic with Once Upon a December and Journey to the Past being spectacular. I love those songs, I love its wonderful animation, I really enjoyed the characters and their relationships and the plot is really good. The film is also very moving in its third act and it is the only film here that succeeds as a great musical, the one that can rival even Disney’s efforts. Yes, it is the most Disney-like film here, but I love it for that and it is the movie that I can watch countless times as it has a great repeat value. I just love Anastasia so much and it simply had to be the number one here.


Ranking 1930s Animated Short Oscar Winners


Ranking 1930s Animated Short Oscar Winners

The 1930s were the golden age for animated short films. But even though it had Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop and Popeye among others, the Academy only bestowed its short Oscar to just Disney and basically to the Silly Symphony series alone. And although that is problematic in and of itself, at least the entries they chose were mostly excellent and deserving of the award. So without further ado, let’s rank them by their quality.


Three Orphan Kittens


8. Three Orphan Kittens

The last place goes to Three Orphan Kittens, a film that definitely deserves that place on this list, but that is mostly because of the tough competition that it faced as the film itself is quite solid and is actually one of my childhood favorites. It is well animated and incredibly cute, but there is unfortunately nothing else to it besides that obviously cutesy and coziness factor. It lacks in terms of storytelling and ambition and that is why it is much inferior to the other entries on the list.



The Country Cousin


7. The Country Cousin

Whereas Three Orphan Kittens lacks in terms of the substance, The Country Cousin is good in terms of the storytelling, but is still disappointing as it should have been much better in execution. The plot here is so important and timeless that its quite weak treatment is unfortunate as the film decides to be a mixture of gags and goofs instead of being the exploration of the relationship between the two mice. But the ending is still incredibly good and the film is so charming that it still ended up being quite good, if not great.




Flowers and Trees


6. Flowers and Trees

This low ranking of hugely influential and important Flowers and Trees doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the film as I really hold a huge admiration for its groundbreaking color animation and character design, but it’s just that in terms of storytelling, it is admittedly quite typical and in the vein of those earlier Silly Symphonies that relied too much on animation and music instead of the plot. But the short still remains an important piece of animation that has aged remarkably well and is admirable to this day.





The Old Mill


5. The Old Mill

Everything that I said about the entry above can also be applied here. But whereas it does feel too simplistic in its story and it lacks conflict, The Old Mill is still thematically interesting and it has an even more groundbreaking and important animation than the one in Flowers and Trees. The use of multiplane camera is gorgeously achieved here and the film does look splendid, but its melancholic tone is also really powerful and it remains one of the most intriguing, different Silly Symphonies.






The Ugly Duckling


4. The Ugly Duckling

This is the point on the list where we reach the classics as all four of these movies are absolute masterpieces and such great achievements in the medium of animation. The Ugly Duckling is the weakest of the four because it could have been more dramatic and more mature, but it is still probably the best adaptation of this universal tale to this day with absolutely beautiful animation, an endearing, tragic protagonist and such a perfectly utilized storyline with not a single scene wasted. It is poignant and wonderful.





Ferdinand the Bull


3. Ferdinand the Bull

Being one of the most original entries in the series, Ferdinand the Bull is also one of the most emotionally satisfying and one of the most relevant. Yes, its theme of being different is so well realized in an unusual, yet perfectly fitting storyline. That last sequence in particular is probably my favorite of the whole series as it contains amazing camera work, terrific animation and a great score. Its message of accepting those who are different is so ahead of its time which is why it remains important and touching to this day.


The Tortoise and the Hare2. The Tortoise and the Hare

Another important story with a very important message for children, The Tortoise and the Hare manages to teach children about hard work and warn them of arrogance in the best way possible – using a very annoying hare character and a very likable tortoise one. The animation is excellent, but what takes it to the next level is the editing which is deft and just perfect and the overall execution of this plot with not a single moment lacking anything. It is an almost perfect cartoon that would easily be number one if it weren’t for…

The Three Little Pigs Review



1.The Three Little Pigs

And this is the champion, the number one 1930s Oscar winning animated short film – The Three Little Pigs. It has everything the previous couple of entries had – an incredibly important message for children, amazing animation and superb execution, but it also has something that those others lack and that is the music and the character development. Yes, it is groundbreaking in terms of characterization as each and every character here has a personality and is so well defined, but it also has an awesome score and that classic song that remains fantastic today. It is so entertaining, so well told and just perfect in every way and thanks to all of those reasons, it is not only the best on this list, but also the best of the entire decade and in my opinion the finest animated short of all time.



Ranking Modern Family Members

Ranking Modern Family Members

Modern Family is a sitcom and for sitcoms characters are essential. Thankfully, the characters of Modern Family are mostly likable and they work as a family overall due to some great dynamics and interactions between them. Not all of them are great as some (especially kids) are either unlikable or very weakly developed, but most are pretty good and the best of them are both lovable and complex.

In creating this list, I excluded some characters. Joe isn’t in nearly enough episodes to qualify as he was basically just present in the seventh season so far and even there he wasn’t emphasized a whole lot. I also did not include any pets here as one of my main issues with this show has constantly been its handling of animals and pets within a family and I just never got the sense that they were a part of the family as the show creators are obviously not animal lovers. So Stella is not going to be on this list despite having a couple of episodes concerning her, but still not enough. But at least she got some episodes to herself which is more than can be said for Larry if anyone can even remember him.

Another point I have to make is that there were four things I calculated into each character’s placement: the overall personality of the character, his or her development throughout the seasons, the presence or lack of humor and the interactions that he/she’s had with the rest of the family. So without further ado, here is my ranking of all eleven Modern Family characters.


Modern Family: Lily


11. Lily

Of course the last place belongs to this very troublesome kid. Mitch and Cam are obviously obsessed with parenting and the fact that their kid herself is so annoying and so weakly developed only further adds to the frustration that I’ve felt regarding her. Yes, she can be funny at times, but she’s just too annoying for the most part and sometimes even plainly unlikable, she isn’t given enough development and what is the most frustrating thing is that most of the others in the family have little or no interaction with her. Due to all those reasons, she is easily the worst character of the show.




Modern Family: Luke


10. Luke

Luke is another troublesome character, even more so than Lily because he’s changed so much throughout the series’ run, but unfortunately only for the worse. The earlier MF years so him being a stupid, cute kid and the relationship between him and Phil was so great to watch. But everything changed when he hit puberty and Luke lost all of his charm and that relationship with his father. He became annoying and even strongly unlikable in some episodes, his development is so weak and the show focused rarely on him and when they did, his parts were unfunny and irritating. He is the only truly weak link of the Dunphy bunch.


Modern Family: Manny


9. Manny

Manny is admittedly an interesting character. This is the point on the list where we move to plain bad to just weak characters and Manny is definitely far from awful, but still far from great. I really like his personality and even though it doesn’t lend to a lot of the humor, he can be funny from time to time and the fact that he is basically an old soul does lead to many interesting and funny scenes throughout the show’s run. I also really like his relationship with Gloria as it was unhealthy, but very realistic. So he is quite solid, but he is so far down the list mostly for the fact that his character, along with Luke’s, is ruined in a couple of recent seasons and the frequent emphasis on the pairing between the two produced many annoying subplots.


Modern Family: Alex


8.  Alex

Everything I said about Manny can also be applied to Alex as she also is an interesting, but frequently poorly used character. I really liked the mix of geek and arrogance in her personality and the fact that she is the only truly smart person in this show led to many hilarious moments. She also interacts pretty well with the others (Phil and Haley are the highlights). But the reason why she is very disappointing is because the directors just never knew what to do with her, resulting in many repetitive and very boring subplots. And the fact that her family is basically ignoring her constantly is funny, but mostly just too brutal and unfortunate.



Modern Family: Mitch


7. Mitch

Mitch is probably the biggest straight character on the show because he is usually the voice of reason and rarely do episodes feature him in more comedic roles. That is perfectly fine, however, as shows need characters such as his and he does solidly counteract the other characters, especially Cam. He is pretty good in the earlier seasons, but I found him as well as Cam to gradually worsen as the series progressed. Also, the fact that he doesn’t interact with the rest of the characters nearly as strongly or as enough as he should is the main reason why he’s so low on this list.


Modern Family: Gloria


6. Gloria

Coming in at the middle of the list is Gloria. She is such a polarizing character to me. On the one hand, I find most of her episodes to be funny and she does bring a lot of the energy and humor to the series. And her interactions with Jay and Claire in particular are very strong. But on the other hand, she is basically a Colombian stereotype and she hasn’t really matured or moved from that distinction throughout the seasons. She is the one person here that I’ve had very different opinion on which varied from episode to episode as she is quite likable and funny at times, but also sometimes pretty unlikable and annoying.


Modern Family: Claire


5. Claire

My biggest problem with Claire has been the frequent sexist portrayal of her, most evidently in the fourth season. She was too much of a typical nagging housewife in earlier seasons and she was too unlikable and even just horrible during the aforementioned season. But she managed to progress a lot during the last couple of seasons as she got a job and genuinely became a nicer person. I also really liked her crazy sense of humor, her relationship with Phil is fantastic as is her relationship with Jay. Thanks to all of those reasons, she is one of the better MF characters and she in the end takes the number five spot.



Modern Family: Haley


4. Haley

And the highest spot for a kid of course belongs to Haley as she is easily the best and most well developed and likable younger member of the family. She seemed like a clichéd ditzy, superficial teenager at first, but as critics pointed out, she became so much more than that later on and she became so endearing to follow. Her relationship with Andy, although prolonged, was rewarding to follow and her interactions with the rest of the Dunphy family were constantly very good. Her storylines did not only offer emotional and character driven parts, but frequently solid humor as well.




Modern Family: Cam


3. Cam

Cam is again a stereotype. However, as is the case with most of the other family members here, his characterization transcended those clichés and led to a genuinely funny and likable character. He became progressively worse throughout the years, but during those earlier seasons, he was such a great comedic relief and his energetic and over-the-top character and the clash with the rest of the more serious characters did lead to many hilarious moments. He is easily the best person in that weakest family of the three and he is probably the most well realized character here in terms of personality and hobbies.



Modern Family: Jay


2. Jay

Jay’s dry sense of humor is absolutely fantastic as it was the most realistic type of humor and I respected him all the more for it. He is such a different character from the rest of the bunch and that juxtaposition of modern versus traditional was very well established and explored. He is the best when interacting with the others, most notably Gloria and Phil. His and Phil’s growing relationship is easily the most emotionally rewarding and well developed relationship in the entire series. He is not only realistic, but also very funny. His storylines were frequently some of the best on the show and he would be the best character here if it weren’t of course for…




Modern Family: Phil


1. Phil

And yes, the number one spot is the obvious one, but sometimes the obvious is the only one that counts. And Phil is the major reason why this show works. You do get a lot of the laughs from most of the cast members here, but Ty Burrell easily provided the majority of those. His endearingly childlike sense of wonder and his evident good nature and care toward others is a great mix in a wonderful personality. His more goofy and slapstick humor perfectly clashes with other types of humor and watching him interact with other more realistic and serious characters was pure gold. Modern Family benefits from quite good character development overall, but it succeeds mostly because of Phil as he is the heart and soul of the show and there is nobody else who even comes close which is why this choice for the top spot should be universal in my opinion.