Cat Fishin’ (1947)

Cat Fishin'Cat Fishin’ Review

Cat Fishin’ is a 1947 animated short which is the 27th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a very good entry and one of the most underrated ones.

Tom goes fishing, somehow avoids Spike and uses Jerry as a fish bait. But of course Jerry gets the best of him eventually and Spike chases the cat. The film has a great three-act structure with the first and last being Spike-oriented and the second act being a great Jerry bait story. The last act is unfortunately disappointing to me, but at least the finale itself is satisfying and memorable.

Jerry is good here as is Spike, but Tom is naturally the highlight. It is well animated and scored and it is incredibly entertaining, inventive and never clichéd both in action and in humor. It is hilarious and the most memorable scenes are the moments in the beginning, some fish parts are also superb and the finale is great. It made me laugh many times and the action in particular is so inventive and the showcase of this series’ greatness. It is far from perfect, but is still very good and uses its setting wonderfully.

Cat Fishin’ has such superb, inventive action, entertaining story and great setting and it is funny from start to finish, with many memorable moments.

My Rating – 4.2

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