Can You Take It (1934)

Can You Take ItCan You Take It Review

Can You Take It is a 1934 animated short film from the Popeye the Sailor series that is a flawed entry, but still having some great moments.

It follows Popeye trying to find a new job, but Bluto harasses him along with his henchmen. And eventually Popeye beats him naturally, with the help from Olive. Speaking of the characters, I found Olive to be pretty forgettable here, but Bluto is great and Popeye is once again fantastic with his signature and hilarious talk.

The short started off pretty weak and it was weird that Popeye was losing so much, but it quickly got better as the second half was so great. It has excellent fight sequences and the humor is consistent with many hilarious gags with the ending being particularly memorable and well executed. I liked Popeye’s beatings, some gags with his apparent strength and some great hospital mechanics. But the whole ending is the highlight as it is the funniest.

Can You Take It has a weak first half, but the second half is much better with improved  fight sequences and some great humor with many hilarious gags.

My Rating – 4

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