Bunny (1998)

Bunny ReviewBunny Review

Bunny is a 1998 animated short film from Blue Sky Studios and it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. And it deserved it as it really is such an interesting experiment.

It is about an elderly female rabbit who lives alone in a small cabin and is tormented by a moth. At the end, she is taken by a moth to the sky. This is such a great plot and such a clever metaphor for death and afterlife. I really liked its sophistication and also its heartwarming nature. The close-ups of the wedding photo of the two rabbits adds to that warm feel.

I still think that the film could have been even better and the animation isn’t as great, but it is solid for the time period in which it was released and the character design is pretty good. I really liked the film’s mature and even creepy tone. The score is also phenomenal and the film’s highlight is definitely that last act. I really liked this movie and found it to be such a sophisticated, intriguing experiment that it is weird that it came from Blue Sky Studios, but kudos to them. It is such a strong short that without any doubt deserved its Oscar.

Bunny benefits from a great score, excellent character design and mature tone, but it is most of all such a sophisticated and unique film with such a great metaphor.

My Rating – 4.3


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