Buddy’s Theatre (1935)

Buddy's Theatre ReviewBuddy’s Theatre Review

Buddy’s Theatre is a 1935 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a rehashed film.

This is such a shameful rehash of ‘Bosko’s Picture Show’ that I was honestly surprised at Warner Brothers and how they found this acceptable. Very unfortunate and ultimately manipulative as most people would not realize it’s a rehash, both now and then. But it is still so unoriginal and inferior to its predecessor that it is the worst entry in 1935 so far.

Buddy’s Theatre is still a solid film because this premise, even if stolen, lends to a lot of great plot points. I loved the third act with Cookie and it was really funny that Buddy went after her into the screen and eventually we only see him and not her. Hilarious. That entire part is very well done, but the historical slices are not all that memorable.

Buddy’s Theatre has a great third act, but it is such a rehashed entry and I cannot forgive it for that.

My Rating – 3.4

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