Buddy’s Bearcats (1934)

Buddy's Bearcats ReviewBuddy’s Bearcats Review

¬†Buddy’s Bearcats is a 1934 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a typically dull sports flick.

Buddy plays baseball here and needless to say I was bored a lot as I hate sports and I particularly do not care for this ridiculous sport. To me the short is well animated, but the score is forgettable and the action on screen is not at all memorable too. Cookie has blonde hair here for some reason and Buddy is totally forgettable and uninteresting.

It does have a couple of good, solid gags in the first third, but that was just not enough. The game was tedious and the stadium setting should have been utilized more. In terms of humor, characterization and of course plot, this Looney Tunes entry fails in my opinion and is one of the weakest so far.

Apart from a couple of decent gags, Buddy’s Bearcats doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. It is a boring, weak baseball entry.

My Rating – 3.1

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