Buddy in Africa (1935)

Buddy in Africa ReviewBuddy in Africa Review

Buddy in Africa is a 1935 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a pretty dull entry.

It is one of those African shorts where it isn’t stereotypical in the natives’ portrayal per say, but it is so boring and doesn’t utilize on the fun of its setting at all. The only really good thing here is that Buddy was voiced by a child for a change and that led to a much more endearing than usual character.

But other than that, this short doesn’t have much to offer. The dance the natives give us is so dull and takes too much of the running time, the ape conflict near the end is rather abrupt and pointless and the entire film is so weakly animated and the quality of the video was the lowest so far as it hasn’t received restoration thus far.

Buddy in Africa is weakly animated, dull and doesn’t utilize on the African setting whatsoever.

My Rating – 3.2

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