Broken Toys (1935)

Broken Toys Review

Broken Toys Review

Broken Toys is a 1935 Silly Symphony. It is a pretty sweet, yet lacking entry when it comes to storytelling.

Yes, the plot is entirely forgettable and typical here which is a shame as it had so much potential. I liked the beginning and ending, but everything that came in between wasn’t the greatest written stuff. I liked its singing parts, but to me the dialogue there is weak and the script should have been better.

Regardless of that, Broken Toys is still such a charming, very sweet Disney flick owing to its very well drawn characters. Their development is so-so but I loved how they looked as all of the designs are pretty good, discounting the racial caricatures obviously. And the animation is excellent as the Technicolor here is simply gorgeous. The film is very inviting thanks to its score and wonderful animation and I can see how big of a hit it must have been during Christmas of 1935.

Broken Toys is weakly written, but featuring excellent Technicolor animation and it is sweet in feel and tone.

My Rating – 3.6

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