Boundin’ (2003)

Boundin'Boundin’ Review

Boundin’ is Pixar’s seventh short film which was once again nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. But it is one of the worse Pixar films unfortunately.

The plot is about a dancing sheep who loses confidence after being sheared. The plot as stories go is quite okay and there is nothing wrong with it. It is even charming to some extent and the ending is rather cute and endearing. But it is executed poorly. First off, the narration. I am never a fan of the narration and here I was especially annoyed with it. The narrator has a somewhat irritating voice and it is all the more annoying for the voice cast as he is the only actor, giving voice to all of the characters which was super lazy and distracting. And secondly, it is too childish in my opinion and with a childish tone that Pixar films never have, but here it is like that unfortunately.

The characters are okay. The sheep is a fine protagonist and well displayed and the other animals are fine. And I like the jackalope and what he presents quite a bit. It is also a well edited film and the score is quite fun and catchy.

The animation is also superb and advanced even more here. The character design I am not a big fan of, but the backgrounds are very good and I like its color palette and its overall entertaining and colorful tone, both in music and in animation.

Boundin’ is definitely one of Pixar’s lesser efforts. It does have great animation, wonderful music and a solid plot, but it is executed poorly with a too childish approach and very annoying narration.

My Rating – 3

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