Boulevardier from the Bronx (1936)

Boulevardier from the Bronx ReviewBoulevardier from the Bronx Review

Boulevardier from the Bronx is a 1936 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is such a bland short.

Yes, this one is easily the worst Merry Melody so far and that was to be expected from a baseball cartoon. I dislike sports and particularly baseball so this one was immensely boring to me plus it didn’t really utilize on the sport all that well. It has way too much action and not enough memorable scenes or humor.

The film is solidly animated and I really liked the score too. It is famous for being the first Merry Melody to use the Merrily We Roll Along theme song, but other than that, the film should be forgotten as it is overlong, very tedious and also filled with annoying characters.

Boulevardier from the Bronx is a dull baseball short with too much action and annoying characters.

My Rating – 3

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