Bosko’s Store (1932)

Bosko's Store ReviewBosko’s Store¬†Review

Bosko’s Store is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is such a fun, crazy entry.

Bosko’s Store has the usual problems of this time – it is overlong and its first half is infinitely inferior to the second one. But that didn’t prevent it from being so entertaining and memorable. It is structurally problematic and there is a lot going on here with a lack of focus or plot, but the humor is so weird and fun that it was worth it.

I loved Bosko here, really memorable. Bruno also has his moments. But when honey and her pet arrived, those scenes were golden. I loved Bosko falling into melasses as it was very funny. But of course the last gag with his genitals being scorched by a woolen thread is the standout one. That was such an unexpected, very mature moment that defined this cartoon and showed us how adult and different Looney Tunes can be from its competitors.

Bosko’s Store is not great at first, but it features a stellar second half with a couple of crazy, funny gags.

My Rating – 3.8

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