Bosko’s Dog Race (1932)

Bosko's Dog Race ReviewBosko’s Dog Race Review

 Bosko’s Dog Race is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is such an entertaining, funny entry.

Bosko’s Dog Race is too episodic and not well edited at all. It is too long and some parts are weaker than the others with the first half being a bit too slow. However, this is still one of the better Looney Tunes of its time and truly the series got a lot better during 1932. I really liked the plot here and it saw a terrific use of Bruno, probably the best so far.

Watching Bosko train Bruno for a dog race was a lot of fun, but the highlight is the actual race which has many great moments in it. I loved that he won only because he was chased by bees and was running for his life, that was hilarious. But the part when he split into little puppies at the finishing line was an odd and trippy, yet pleasantly silly and abstract moment in a typical Looney Tunes fashion.

Bosko’s Dog Race is flawed structurally, but hilarious and with a couple of truly inventive moments.

 My Rating – 3.8

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