Bosko Shipwrecked (1931)

Bosko Shipwrecked ReviewBosko Shipwrecked Review

Bosko Shipwrecked is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is the weakest entry in the series so far.

Bosko is shipwrecked and is pursued by the animals on the island while also meeting its inhabitants. I really disliked this short. It isn’t bad as it definitely has a couple of really inventive moments as we’ve come to expect from the series when it comes to the action sequences. But in its entirety, it is pretty subpar and way inferior to the previous entries.

Bosko in particular is so unlikable here in his treatment of animals. I get that he was pursued by them, but the way he beat them up was somewhat unlikable to me and this is the most irritating I’ve seen from him by this point. And I’ve seen much better island episodes in other series and this one is way short in its running time and way too abrupt in its conclusion.

Bosko Shipwrecked is abrupt and short while also featuring unlikable Bosko.

 My Rating – 3.2

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