Bosko at the Zoo (1932)

Bosko at the Zoo ReviewBosko at the Zoo Review

Bosko at the Zoo is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is an entertaining entry.

As the title suggests, this time around we follow Bosko at the zoo and interacting with various animals. Of course, the film is a typical Bosko adventure whereas he provokes somebody and has to run from them, this time the animals in the zoo. The first half felt a bit lacking in comparison to the second one, but overall the film is quite solid and fun to watch.

The animation was weird at times, particularly some camera angles were odd. But I liked how the animals looked and I liked the action or chases. Bosko was memorable here and the lion, ostrich and gorilla were the highlights among the animals. The ending, although highly ridiculous, is still amusing in its silliness and it was a fun way to close the picture.

Bosko at the Zoo isn’t original, but is fun and very well executed in its action.

 My Rating – 3.5

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