Bosko at the Beach (1932)

Bosko at the Beach ReviewBosko at the Beach Review

Bosko at the Beach is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a standard Bosko cartoon.

There is nothing here that makes it unique or different from the other Bosko offerings, but it isn’t bad either. It is just solid and nothing more than that. Bosko, Bruno and Honey are all at the beach and basically we follow them enjoy their stay until one person starts drowning and it is up to Bosko to save him.

So the setting is new for the series if I remember it correctly. And that got us some fine moments and the threesome is as likable as ever. But in terms of the action and gags, the film is strongly lacking. Nothing here is particularly memorable or funny and I didn’t expect anything in terms of the story, but you’ve got to at least use your setting properly and I’m afraid they didn’t do that.

Bosko at the Beach is endearing, but forgettable with not great action nor humor.

 My Rating – 3.4

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