Borrowed Time (2016)

 Borrowed Time ReviewBorrowed Time Review

Borrowed Time is a 2016 Pixar short film that is not actually a Pixar movie, but is made by two of their animators.

It is a western and it follows a man who accidentally killed his father and now years later comes to the same place to commit suicide. First let’s just say why I found this movie to be very overrated and ultimately disappointing. I get its theme of death and grief, but I still found its conclusion to be typical and how they dealt with these themes was fairly standard and there is nothing really inspired in this movie in terms of storytelling.

But I still admired its darkness and the film is technically polished. Not only is the score so moving and fitting to the plot, but the animation is truly phenomenal, especially for an indie film. The character design is also pretty authentic and realistic as I haven’t really seen a similar looking protagonist before in animation. And I really admired that it was a western as that genre is rarely done in animation. But I was still left disappointed.

Borrowed Time is technically polished and thematically and tonally dark, but not as inspired in terms of storytelling.

 My Rating – 3.7

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