Blind Vaysha (2016)

Blind Vaysha ReviewBlind Vaysha Review

Blind Vaysha is a 2016 animated short film directed by Theodore Ushev and nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

It is about a girl who cannot see present with her left eye seeing the past and her right eye seeing the future. Rarely have I seen such an original concept in an animated short before. It is unique and it is perfect for this medium. However, I still find the film far from great because the narration isn’t the greatest and I would have chosen a different approach to tell this story. I also found the ending to be abrupt and the overall film needed to have been longer in length.

But the animation is phenomenal. It is the kind of artistic animation that suits this particular tale really well with great colors and very interesting character designs. I liked the score quite a bit and it is again fitting to the plot. The film is very authentic both in visuals and in plot which is why it succeeds as one of the year’s best animated shorts even if it isn’t as great as it could have been.

Blind Vaysha definitely could have been better, but it is still quite good with a terrific premise and fine animation.

My Rating – 4

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