Birds of a Feather (1931)

Birds of a Feather ReviewBirds of a Feather Review

Birds of a Feather is a 1931 Disney Silly Symphony film. It’s a solid and entertaining entry.

Birds of a Feather is one of those Silly Symphonies which consist of two parts – one is witnessing the behavior of different animals and the other is when the action starts and the protagonist’s baby animal is chased by a predator. That structure is obviously familiar, but is still put to some good use here. The first part is weaker naturally and only that peacock was interesting and so well animated whereas the other animals were forgettable.

Obviously the chase and action scenes were typical in their execution and there are a lot of these scenes in early Silly Symphonies, but they are still fun. The choice of hawk as a predator is also interesting. The animation here is better than in most early entries in the series and the score is solid. The running time is longer by two minutes from the usual seven minutes which was interesting, but not fully warranted.

Birds of a Feather is typical and never really original, but at least it’s well executed with good action and animation.

My Rating – 3.5

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