Birds in the Spring (1933)

Birds in the Spring ReviewBirds in the Spring Review

 Birds in the Spring is a 1933 Disney Silly Symphony film. It is a clichéd Silly Symphony.

We follow the hatchling of the birds, then we see their parents teaching them how to sing and afterwards one baby bird wanders away and encounters a rattlesnake and hornets. It ends with his father spanking him. Again we see Disney’s early obsession with spanking and again we follow birds and the parents are as annoying as ever. Its message in the end is typical and all of the plot points that happened here are beyond familiar and obvious.

The birds sound as great as ever as the sound effects are terrific. And of course the animation is expectedly splendid. I loved its colorful  style and not only do the birds look endearing and well designed, but the backgrounds are surprisingly crisp and polished as well. The technical aspects elevate an otherwise tiresome flick.

Birds in the Spring is technically terrific with great sound and splendid animation, but the message is obvious and its familiar story hurt it in the long run.

 My Rating – 3.3

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