Best and Worst Films from November 2017


Best and Worst Films from November 2017



Best Films from November 2017:


3. Flight of the Navigator

I haven’t seen a lot of great films during this month, but this is one of them for sure. Flight of the Navigator blew my expectations off the roof. I did not expect to have such a great time with it. The film is definitely an archetypal 80s flick but a very charming and imaginative one nonetheless with inherent emotion, very good characters and some of the best special effects of any 80s film. It truly is a family classic.

Flight of the Navigator Movie Review


2. Lolita

Lolita is one of Kubrick’s most underrated films. It might be too tame for today’s audiences but I personally like that approach much more which is why I ended up loving this film. James Mason delivered a phenomenal performance in a complex role, the film flies by how engaging it is and both the script and the dialogue are top-notch. It is a long, but never at all boring film which is a huge accomplishment.

Lolita Movie Review


1. Dark Victory

And Dark Victory easily takes this one! Again this is a hugely underrated film from the best cinematic year ever which is of course 1939. Bette Davis plays a woman who learns she has only a couple of months left to live and she needed to portray relief, anger, sense of betrayal, fear and finally dignity. She did all of those masterfully in a brilliant performance which is one of her career best. Dark Victory is not only so well written and acted, but highly emotional with such a devastating, majestic ending.

Dark Victory Movie Review


Worst Films from November 2017:


3. Madame Rosa

I haven’t really seen any truly bad film during this particular month and all three of these movies are okay. However, they are not particularly good and thus they deserve their placements on this list. Madame Rosa is a French film which undeservedly won an Oscar and although really well acted, it is so unsubtle in its script and so didactic in its approach that it seems incredibly dated now.

Madame Rosa Movie Review


2. Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is a fun heist flick which should prove perfectly solid for genre fans, but it is a bland, unmotivated effort from a pretty overrated director with a thin script, weak characters and a lack of more depth. I definitely found it entertaining, but undeniably a wasted potential, especially in terms of its ensemble cast which is great but none of the actors gave strong performances and some (Daniel Craig) were underused.

Logan Lucky Movie Review


1. Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White takes the top spot on my worst list easily. It isn’t bad and it starts off really well, but it stumbles pretty quickly into some unfortunate dark comedy territory. The director doesn’t do comedy really well and the humor is non-existent here. The characters are not particularly memorable or likable and the entire storyline and approach are messy. It is without a doubt the weakest entry in this trilogy.

Three Colors: White Movie Review

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