Best and Worst Films from June 2017


Best and Worst Films from June 2017



Best Films from June 2017:


3. Wonder Woman

Unlike last month, June wasn’t particularly strong for me and there are only a couple of films I really loved. Wonder Woman is one of them and the most unexpected one for sure. I went into the theatre expecting a solid popcorn flick, but what I got is one of the better superhero films out there with absolutely wonderful Gal Gadot, a great message to it, excellent humor and it truly does succeed both as a superhero and as a WWI flick. And also as a charming romance.

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2. The Last Temptation of Christ

This is easily one of Scorsese’s finest films in my opinion and probably his most underrated. It is the best ever film about Jesus and although it isn’t faithful to the Gospels, it compensates that by giving us something entirely different and unique such as that bold and amazing ending. The performance from Willem Defoe is so strong, the character is so well explored and the film is very sophisticated in dialogue and script leading to such a smart, spiritual experience.

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1. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

The number one goes to Ali: Fear Eats the Soul – one of the best films that German cinema has to offer. Following a tumultuous relationship between an older German woman and a much younger Muslim migrant, the film explores this doubly unusual relationship so well as it not only gives us the wonderful, heartwarming stuff but also the expected, tragic consequences that arise from it. It does all that while also showcasing so realistically racism from neighbors and community and in my opinion Brigitte Mira here gave one of the best ever female performances in a film. A true classic and a much deserved winner for the month.

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Worst Films from June 2017:


3. War of the Worlds

A very weak remake, Spielberg’s version of War of the Worlds is a somewhat admirable effort, but it unfortunately mostly backfired as it doesn’t succeed either as a family drama or as a sci-fi disaster flick. The cinematography is quite dull and the film is ultimately very slow, tedious and frankly an unnecessary remake of a much better original.

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2. L.A. Confidential

I really didn’t like this film. I know that it is beloved by many and it received so many Oscar nominations, but it is to me just such an uninspired, clich├ęd and incredibly boring crime flick that never differentiates itself from others of the same genre. A total bore of a film that is difficult to sit through.

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1. Cries and Whispers

And the worst film I’ve seen all month is Ingmar Bergman’s Cries and Whispers – a film which is one of the most overrated foreign flicks and the one that represents his worst tendencies as a director such as unlikable characters, overrated and gimmicky technicalities and bullshit psychology. It annoyed me so much and I even hated it so the first place was guaranteed for it.

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