Best and Worst Films from July 2017


Best and Worst Films from July 2017



Best Films from July 2017:



3. The Outlaw and His Wife

Because of my trip to Italy during this month, I’ve seen less movies than usual, but I have still seen a couple of genuinely great movies and thus it was tough choosing this last spot in the best list. I had to sacrifice ‘Tillie’s Punctured Romance’, ‘Colossal’ and ‘Village of the Damned’ and I chose instead this Swedish silent classic. The Outlaw and His Wife is emotional, very influential and visually arresting with some beautiful natural landscapes leading to one of the best films from this era.

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2. Timecrimes

I absolutely loved this movie. Timecrimes is one of the most authentic science fiction films recently and one of the decade’s best for sure. This Spanish flick features such a fantastic time travel story and it surely is a textbook example of how to this story concept. It is so meticulous in detail and so well thought out that it needs to be seen very carefully to be fully understood. Couple that with great sound and many terrific twists and you’ve got one great chiller.

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1. War for the Planet of the Apes

Although not quite as fantastic as ‘Rise’ or ‘Dawn’, War for the Planet of the Apes is still a glorious conclusion to the best trilogy ever in movie history. I loved its war elements and how thankfully they weren’t overwhelming. The villain is great and the story takes a surprising and not as expected turn in its third act. It concluded this great trilogy beautifully while so wonderfully tying it to the original Apes franchise. It is emotional and deep and it almost made me cry and not to mention that it is filled with quite a lot of instantly recognizable, unforgettable sequences.

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Worst Films from July 2017:



3. The Talented Mr. Ripley

I’ve seen just a couple of mediocre movies in July but they are so weak that they all had to be on this list and this foolishness of a movie easily earned this third spot. You have two movies here – one is a cliched thriller and the other one is a ridiculous bromance/romance of sorts that did not make any sense in its character interactions whatsoever. It is such a ridiculous, overrated film.

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2. A View to a Kill

A View to a Kill is somewhat fun, but as silly and as campy as you would come to expect from this series during the eighties which was easily its worst period. There are a couple of silly characters here including that horrible villain and the acting is just some of the worst with a couple of poor performances.

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1. Blade: Trinity

Ryan Reynolds is the only saving grace in this movie which is otherwise a bland, campy affair with too much action but the one which is weakly executed and dull. This is easily the worst of the Blade trilogy and the only one that doesn’t have any memorable action sequences whatsoever. It is dark, boring and silly.

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