Best and Worst Films from December 2017


Best and Worst Films from December 2017



Best Films from December 2017:


3. Horrible Bosses

I have seen only three truly terrific films during this month and thus all three managed to land a place on this list. The first one is Horrible Bosses. This hilarious comedy is not only laugh out loud funny almost throughout the whole runtime, but it is also perfectly acted with its excellent ensemble cast having a great chemistry together as well as terrific comedic delivery with the highlights being Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston. Both stole the show here. It is an underrated comedy which is easily one of the best of the 2010s.

Horrible Bosses Movie Review


2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is going to end up being one of the best entries in the Star Wars universe. It is my second best right after the second one. It has its couple of flaws, but it is mostly a game-changer for the franchise as they finally took some risks and changed the status quo in a couple of crucial plot points and character moments. I loved how dramatic and not too action oriented it is, there are a couple of unforgettable scenes here and all of its story lines work properly and most of the characters got their moment to shine. I loved it and truly respected it as an audacious blockbuster that we got for once.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review


1. Victor/Victoria

And Victor/Victoria easily takes the number one spot for me this time. I have intended to watch this one for a while and when I finally did, I was blown away by its undeniable, unexpected quality. Certainly it is brave for handling its LGBT themes during the eighties and doing it so actively, but it is above all a wonderful musical comedy with good music, but excellent humor as the film made me laugh quite a number of times. Its story is exceptional and quite offbeat and despite questionable acting, everyone really did a great job with the standout one being Julie Andrews. Her character is truly wonderful and she is awesome playing her. It certainly is one of her best performances and the film is one of the decade’s best.


Worst Films from December 2017:


3. A Christmas Story

Now I also haven’t seen bad movies during this month and only one is mediocre, one is barely passable and this one is actually solid. I loved the third act with the presents and the Santa scenes both being wonderful. However, it deserves this spot on my worst list mainly for it being so incredibly overrated. It is not a Christmas classic at all because the entire first half is so mediocre, unlikable and its vignettes are too annoying and they unfortunately took the focus from a much better main storyline.

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2. Dunkirk

Dunkirk also deserved this spot and I had to put it on here. This is by far one of the most overrated films of 2017 and coming from probably the most overrated director today. But this is actually one of Nolan’s weakest films so far. It has no story whatsoever, the characterization is truly horrible and the emotional investment is non-existent. It presents itself as a documentary, but it fails even as a documentary as it doesn’t teach you anything about this particular event. Truly the cinematography and the score are amazing, but in terms of more important non-technical aspects, it is a failure which I could not even call a film.

Dunkirk Movie Review


1. American Made

American Made is one of Tom Cruise’s worst films. At least of those that I’ve seen. The story had potential and I liked how the film is shot, but it is so incredibly fast paced, rushed and frenetic that it did not have enough time to either develop its story or its characters properly and thus it ended up being very boring and pointless. It easily takes the number one spot for the worst film that I watched in December.

American Made Movie Review

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