Be Kind to “Aminals” (1935)

Be Kind to "Aminals" ReviewBe Kind to “Aminals” Review

 Be Kind to “Aminals” is a 1935 animated short from the Popeye the Sailor series. It is a terrific entry and one of the best without a doubt.

Bluto harasses the poor horse he’s riding and it’s up to Popeye and Olive to put him in his place. The plot is great and it lets you see the best in each character with Popeye being good, but Olive being very funny and Bluto being fantastic and he is the one who is the most and best utilized here. The animation is great as is the score.

The action isn’t as engaging in the middle and Popeye unfortunately has a new actor here which is super distracting. But everything else is great with some great humor present. Popeye isn’t as funny, but Olive is and the horse is as well. However, it is Bluto’s harsh line about Olive’s appearance that made me laugh a lot as it is so brutally on point and just hysterical. And the ending is naturally perfect with such a great punishment for Bluto which is fun and very well imagined.

Be Kind to “Aminals” is brutal and entertaining, but also hysterically funny and with a fantastic conclusion.

 My Rating – 4.5

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