Baby Puss (1943)

Baby Puss

Baby Puss Review

Baby Puss is a 1943 animated short that is the 12th of Tom and Jerry cartoons. It is one of the finest and funniest shorts to this date.

Baby Puss is beautifully constructed. First you have a girl playing house and pretending that Tom is her baby which he resents at first, but eventually comes to love the idea of it for the free milk and treatment he gets. Then Jerry mocks him and the two chase. And finally the alley cats arrive and torture Tom with Nancy coming afterwards to punish him. I absolutely loved the finale as Jerry finally got the same treatment Tom had got and it was just so satisfying and hilarious.

The characters are excellently used here. The two are great with Tom being especially memorable here, but it is the alley cats who are superb with their playing doctors in a great sequence. The humor is wonderful and it has many funny scenes and it is technically a good short.

As for its faults, it is at certain moments a bit too weird and I strongly disliked the use of voices and sounds, especially in the first half as it was better utilized later on. But it is overall incredibly entertaining and even unforgettable.

Baby Puss is one of the best earlier shorts with greatly used characters, funny situations, absolutely hilarious finale and it is overall executed flawlessly with an incredibly entertaining outcome.

My Rating – 4.3

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