Ave Maria (2015)

Ave MariaAve Maria Review

Ave Maria is a 2015 live-action short film which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. It is an okay, but somewhat pointless movie.

It is about Israeli settler family whose car breaks down in Palestine and they get the help from five nuns to get back home. This film is sweet and even charming in its own right. I liked the characters and I liked the family and how they were portrayed. But the fact that the nuns knew how to fix the car that well is somewhat difficult to believe and the film never has anything inspired about it which is unfortunate as the script had a lot of potential.

We never get the conflict between these groups of people and I expected a stronger theme of helping and collaboration between the two different nations and especially I expected the nuns to help alter or at least critique their behavior and their family feud. But that all was only slightly present. However, the film is still entertaining and always interesting to watch with a couple of comedic moments as well. It is too light, but it is still charming. I liked it overall, but expected a lot more from it.

Ave Maria is a slight movie that never uses its premise to the fullest extent, but it is interesting and even charming in some scenes.

My Rating – 3.3

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