Along Flirtation Walk (1935)

Along Flirtation Walk ReviewAlong Flirtation Walk Review

Along Flirtation Walk is a 1935 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a film that has its moments, but is mostly subpar.

First, let’s talk about those moments. The game featuring a scoring system where the hens punch a hen who pushes out eggs was a genius idea and a hilarious scene. And the highlight is the peacock love making sequence with the bird making faces at how much he enjoys it being one of the most adult, sexual moments in the entire series so far.

But other than that, the game that was introduced was for the most part rather boring and it brought an entire film to a halt. I was bored immensely and I wish that the game was as original as its scoring system was, but it was not and was rather difficult to follow. Another problem is the animation which is two-color again, but for some reason, rather off-putting this time around and definitely cheap and blurry in its quality.

Along Flirtation Walk has two hilarious gags, but other than that, the film is dull and very weakly animated.

My Rating – 3.4

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