Unlike most filmophiles, I did not have as romantic or memorable beginnings. I actually didn’t like watching movies as a kid that much, but when I became an adult, around six years or so ago, I started gradually developing an interest in film and I have been watching them regularly, one per day, for at least five years. I also follow some YouTube movie channels along with reading extensively about every movie I watch. I am a big fan of classic movies from sixties and earlier as those best suit my sensibilities. But I still like modern movies a lot and unlike many cynical or snobbish critics and film fans, I actually like and respect blockbusters just as much as artistic and classic movies. So I watch almost everything and love all periods and genres of film, but I love drama and science fiction the most. And of course I am a big fan of animation and I follow not only animated feature films, but also shorts and TV shows along with anime. I write on my blog the reviews of all films and shorts along with TV shows and occasionally even some video games and novels.

Contact – simbasible@gmail.com