A Woman (1915)

A Woman Movie Review

A Woman Movie Review

A Woman is a 1915 short comedy film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. Its first half is boring, but the second one is great.

I really enjoyed this film and I found it to be incredibly entertaining. Yes, the first half is very problematic. It introduces you to the characters and sets up the scenario well, but it is again too prolonged and nothing really happens there in terms of plot or comedy. That is the only problem I’ve had with A Woman as it is otherwise a very good work from Chaplin.

The second half is phenomenal. When he dresses up as a woman, that leads to a lot of hilarious moments. Yes, that kind of humor is incredibly old-fashioned and it might be dated to some, but here it worked because Chaplin is so good in it as he wonderfully expresses femininity and his comic timing here is fantastic. I also loved the role of Edna Purviance and the scenes between the two were so charming. She has rarely been this great or this likable in his films. Overall, it isn’t particularly sophisticated, but it is a funny, fun film that is very satisfying in its energy and humor.

A Woman has a weaker first half, but the second half is great with such a great scenario perfectly executed with a lot of charm, energy and good slapstick.

My Rating – 4

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