A Mouse in the House (1947)

A Mouse in the HouseA Mouse in the House Review

A Mouse in the House is a 1947 animated short that is the 32nd Tom and Jerry film. It is one of the best films from the duo without a doubt.

Tom and Butch get an order from Mammy to catch a mouse or they’ll be kicked out of the house. The two fight and try to catch the mouse, but both fail miserably and Mammy kicks both of them out of the house along with Jerry himself. That ending is incredible. By kicking the mouse as well, it changes the formula somehow as the mouse usually wins at the end of the day. And that was an awesome change in pace which is why it is one of the best endings in the series.

But the whole flick is fantastic. The gun scene wasn’t as memorable, but the chases and fights are terrific and the beginning is also one of the best in the series with such a hilarious rant from Mammy. It is a great use of the character of Butch and both Tom and Jerry are great and the action is always entertaining. The humor is marvelous as well and it made me laugh many times. This is undoubtedly one of the finest entries in the series.

A Mouse in the House is one of the best Tom and Jerry films with excellent action, many hilarious moments and with the beginning and ending that are both just perfect.

My Rating – 4.4

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