A Grand Day Out (1990)

A Grand Day Out ReviewA Grand Day Out Review

A Grand Day Out is a 1990 British animated short film from Aardman directed by Nick Park and starring Wallace and Gromit. It is inferior to its successors.

Here the two build a rocket to the Moon where they sample their favorite food which is of course cheese. Now this is a good film, but far from great when it comes to the duo as ‘The Wrong Trousers’ and ‘A Close Shave’ are both much better. The film suffers from having very little dialogue which is unusual for Wallace at least and it also has a less mature, less dark and less compelling than usual storyline.

But it is still charming and endearing for sure. I loved the animation of course which is stellar as always and the score is lovable and so catchy per usual. I also really liked that this time we got a real adventure with the two pals and it was an interesting departure definitely. I loved the rocket, the scenes on the Moon and the emphasis on cheese. It is an adventurous and quite likable flick, but definitely flawed.

A Grand Day Out is definitely endearing and very adventurous in its storytelling and imagery, but overly slight and not as memorable as the duo’s next stories.

My Rating – 4

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