A Christmas Carol (1971)

A Christmas Carol ReviewA Christmas Carol Review

A Christmas Carol is a 1971 Oscar-winning animated short that is good but not great.

Richard Williams directed this movie and he did a pretty nice job, but it is the animation that shines thoroughly here and is the film’s standout aspect. It is so good that it is hard to believe that it was once a TV special. I loved the character designs and especially those more visually darker scenes. The film tells this story very well and the more darker approach makes it more memorable.

But this is still one of those movies which are not my cup of tea and I could not quite pinpoint why I did not love it. Maybe that’s because I was never a huge fan of the original Charles Dickens novel and its story or maybe because I found Alastair Sim’s performance not that appealing. I do realize that people loved him in this role back in the day, but he just wasn’t great in my opinion.

A Christmas Carol is a competent and visually arresting film that is never great owing to weaker acting and pacing.

My Rating – 4

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