99 Homes (2015)

99 homes

99 Homes Review

99 Homes is a 2015 drama film directed by Ramin Bahrani and starring Michael Shannon, Andrew Garfield and Laura Dern. It is a strong drama film about the economic crisis.

The film follows a single father and his son and mother as they are evicted from their home by a rich businessman forcing the father to start working for him in exchange for his home. I liked the story overall with a few reservations. I really felt that the sudden partnership between the two men was way too unrealistic for an otherwise realistic movie and it was a typical cinematic plot progression which I disliked. He quickly progresses from an ordinary worker to his co-partner in a too abrupt and typical manner. That I did not like at all. And the third act had some expected emotional excursions that were to me a bit too accentuated.

But otherwise the plot is really strong. It shows us everything we need to know about the economic crisis and the eviction process and it shows us all of that in a not too simplistic or difficult to grasp way which is great. The film is very realistic, very relatable and of course deals with an important subject matter. That subject is well explored and most of the scenes here are beautifully hard-hitting and dramatic. In terms of storytelling, it is a strong movie for the most part.

The characterization in 99 Homes is quite good, but not as great as I think it should have been. Dennis Nash is a grounded and somewhat likable protagonist and Carver is despicable as a sleazy rich businessman, but those people do exist which is why his character is important. The kids are sweet, but Lynn as a mother annoyed me as she was mostly useless and sometimes made some ridiculous arguments.

The acting is really good with Michael Shannon being the highlight. I am not a fan of his because he always plays awful and unlikable people, but he was born to play those roles and he plays them really well with this role not being an exception. Laura Dern is expectedly good, but Andrew Garfield is so good that he surprised me as his role is the toughest and takes the most screen time. He is a bit underrated actor as he’s quite solid in everything he does.

99 Homes is a relevant film with an important subject matter well realized and told in a not too simplistic nor too difficult to grasp manner. Some plot points are too typical and unrealistic in an otherwise realistic movie that is so well acted by its talented cast and stupendously well edited. It is a strong and unexpectedly engaging drama.

My Rating – 4

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