Carol (2015)


Carol Review

Carol is a 2015 romantic drama film directed by Todd Haynes and starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. It is one of the best and most wonderful movies of the year.

Carol follows the romantic relationship between a younger woman who is an aspiring photographer and an older woman who goes through a difficult divorce during the fifties. This film amazed me how great it was. The mix of traditional and old-fashioned filmmaking and a new, different subject matter is what makes it so interesting and unique. The entire film seems as if it came out in the fifties which I absolutely loved as the costumes, the music and the overall classic feel it possesses is just beautiful to behold. But the gay relationship is something that the fifties never could provide and this film has that which is great. I just loved that mix and I found the story to be very relatable and relevant.

The character development is also really good. Abby is quite good and I loved what they did with Hadge. He isn’t too vilified here and is portrayed in such a realistic way. He is angry at his wife and made some horrible actions, but still loves here and cares for her which is great and felt so real. But the two protagonists are just phenomenal. Therese is just such an endearing character and I loved her. Her nervous, shy and lovable personality really hit me and she seemed like a real person that I just met, wonderfully realized. Carol was too cold at times, but I still liked that for the most part and her problems were so heartbreaking and you feel sorry for her, despite her not being that great a person.

But the two have such an immensely beautiful relationship that I was blown away by it. For a romance film, the romance needs to work and that is essential for this genre. And it did work which is why it’s such a good movie. The actresses share such a great chemistry together, they gave superb performances and the characters are so well written and so real that I bought their relationship from the first moments. But what takes it to the next level are the facial expressions and the looks they make and the eye contact. That was just wonderful. When Carol touches Therese, you can see her tremble. When Carol looks at Therese, you can see the care in her eyes. And Therese was always fascinated with her and that was also quite evident on screen.

The finest scene in the entire movie has to be that ending. Wow, I was just mesmerized by it! I expected something like that to happen, but I still did not expect such craftsmanship that went into the scene. Therese finally goes to see Carol who is at a party. When she comes in, she checks the crowd until she notices her and you can see the conflict in her eyes. She nervously makes steps towards her table and along the way you can witness some incredible cinematography at display here. The camera angles are from her viewpoint and when somebody blocks her view, your view is blocked too. Finally, when she comes close enough, Carol finally spots her and a big, happy smile slowly forms on her face while the screen fades to darkness. This is such an astonishing ending scene that is definitely my favorite scene of any 2015 film.

The acting is absolutely fantastic. All of the actors did a great job, but to me Rooney Mara gave a better performance mainly because Cate was too theatrical during some scenes. But she is still very good and she has such a strong presence here. That mysterious and cold quality to the character fitted wonderfully for Blanchett to work with and she did a great job with it. However, Rooney Mara stole the show and is the best I’ve seen her so far. She is just so incredibly likable and charming in the role which is great as that was essential for the relationship and the movie to work. Her facial expressions are excellent and she sold her more emotional scenes as well. The two have such a great chemistry together and they play off of each other perfectly. They are the opposite which is the reason why their relationship works in my opinion and is so intriguing. One is cold and calculated, the other is more sweet and shy. It was as if I watched Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn together and that was such a great feeling.

Carol is a technically stunning movie! Everything here is mesmerizing to behold. The costumes are just amazing and so memorable. The use of photographs in its storytelling is wonderful and some pictures and shots are truly artistic as is the entire movie. The tone is well handled as it is melodramatic while still being sweet and charming. I held a smile on my face for the entire running time which is a testament to how great their relationship is and how wonderfully cozy and soothing the whole movie felt. The score is magnificent! This is one of the best scored films in recent memory and it is the only score that I remembered after watching the movie as it is so memorable and beautiful to listen to. The emotion is greatly conveyed and the film is never too melodramatic or too emotional. It is such a sophisticated and realistic, but also effervescent and romantic movie and that mix is admirably pulled together. And I liked its pacing as it is slow, but in a calm and pleasant way. The relationship builds with such a slow, real and natural progress and that made it especially strong.

It isn’t a perfect movie as the dialogue wasn’t that impressive in my opinion. Some of the scenes were really well written, but I still expected more from it in terms of sophistication and memorable lines. Cate Blanchett is too theatrical at times and the film’s first act, while wonderful, is still too prolonged in my opinion. But those are some small flaws that did not affect this movie on a larger scale. Carol received six Oscar nominations and lost all of them which is just horrible. Plus it did not get a Best Picture nod which is suspiciously homophobic of the Academy as it truly is one of the very best films of the year.

Carol is a beautiful movie. Thanks to such strong technical aspects from an incredible score to a great attention to detail and wonderful costumes, you get transported to the fifties time period and it seems as if you are watching a 50s film. But the subject matter is new and interesting with such a brilliant relationship at its core that is great thanks to terrific performances from its leads, excellent chemistry between the two and superb emotional investment. Their relationship and their problems seemed real and the character development is very good. The ending scene is astonishing and is the best scene of any 2015 movie, the film is wonderfully romantic and charming and it is without a doubt one of the best movies of the year.

My Rating – 4.5


Trumbo (2015)


Trumbo Review

Trumbo is a 2015 drama biopic directed by Jay Roach and starring Bryan Cranston. It is so disappointing and uninspired despite its interesting subject matter.

Yes, I find the subject matter quite interesting here. It follows the life of Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and it explores the controversial Hollywood Blacklist. That is interesting and this is one of those movies that are directly targeted at cinephiles as it is about Hollywood and the history of film and the politics in it. The story is important and interesting, but is unfortunately told here in such a straightforward, simplistic manner that I found it to be incredibly boring as well as cliched. There isn’t anything inspired about Trumbo, but there isn’t much fun to be had here as well which is super annoying as it had a lot of potential.

Dalton Trumbo himself is well portrayed here and the character is well developed. But others are not unfortunately with the exception of Arlen who is quite good and Hedda who is also memorable. But his family is boring and underdeveloped and the various classic actors that grace the screen here are pretty forgettable and realized in a weak manner.

But the acting is admittedly very good with Helen Mirren being solid in her role and Elle Fanning also being good. Louis C. K. is fine as well and of course the highlight is Bryan Cranston. He is perfectly fine in Trumbo and I found his performance to be pretty good and even great at times, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call his performance to be one of the best of the year as he certainly wasn’t that great. He is good for sure, but far from great.

The problem with Trumbo is also its somewhat TV-like quality. The cinematography, the imagery, the costumes and the directing are all pretty ordinary and there is nothing here that is particularly cinematic or memorable or great. The score is also weak and the acting is good, but not that great as the characters themselves aren’t that well fleshed out. The script definitely needed some edge and the film needed energy in its execution as it is incredibly boring and slow paced with rare entertaining scenes. The tone is also weird as it tries to be a bit comedic and light at times, but to me fails as it isn’t that funny or charming.

Trumbo is definitely not a bad movie, but it isn’t particularly good either. It is a passable diversion which is frustrating as it had a potential to be so much more, but ended up being a basic biopic. The dialogue is solid, but not inspired. And the film is very interesting to watch at times and even somewhat fun, but is mostly tired and dull unfortunately. Bryan Cranston got a Best Actor nod at the Oscars, but to me did not deserve it as he did not do anything truly remarkable in his performance.

Trumbo is well acted, it has its fun and interesting moments and it has an interesting subject matter, but it is executed poorly with a boring and tired script, forgettable characters and weak technical aspects. It is a dull and forgettable movie that isn’t bad, but isn’t that good either and is a huge disappointment.

My Rating – 3



Tennis Chumps (1949)

Tennis ChumpsTennis Chumps Review

Tennis Chumps is a 1949 animated short which is the 46th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is one of the weaker, but still good films.

Butch and Tom play Tennis and it is up to Jerry to plant them traps along the way. Now, this is one of those cartoons that rely entirely on its setting and thankfully it uses it to its fullest advantage and to the fullest degree. The tennis court here really comes to life and is used stupendously. Jerry is so good here in his devious plans and Tom is also pretty good. But Butch was disappointing to me as he is forgettable next to the blue cat.

Another thing that bothered me here is the beginning and ending which are so uninspired which is weird for the series. And that blackface joke is really getting tired up to this point. I forgive them for racism because of the time period, but the joke is still so overused and so repetitive that I would like to never see it again regardless. But overall the film has some very good scenarios with Jerry and as the last Tom and Jerry flick of the forties, it is pretty good and entertaining.

Tennis Chumps closes the decade in a solid way. It has its obvious flaws, but it is still fun and well executed with a very well used setting.

My Rating – 4


Cloudberry Kingdom (2013)

Cloudberry Kingdom

Cloudberry Kingdom Game Review

Cloudberry Kingdom is a 2013 indie platform game that is one of the most difficult games I’ve played.

The gameplay here consists of various alterations of game physics from double jumping to changing size to changing shape. I liked that as it led to a lot of interesting scenarios and different gameplay methods. I liked how you have to constantly change your tactics due to changing physics. But what wasn’t so great is its variety which is lacking as the game is authentic and different early on, but it gets repetitive in its later stages which was troublesome. Plus those obstacles also became repetitive.

Cloudberry Kingdom is one of the toughest games that I have ever played! Every world here (despite the first one naturally) is just so incredibly difficult to beat and that was great. I loved how frustratingly hard those levels were and especially the various obstacles could get really problematic to get through. The last two worlds were just so difficult that it took me hours to beat them despite their short length.

Yes, the game is very short and that is its flaw. It can be beaten in a couple of days, if you are capable of such a task. It should have definitely been longer and more varied. But the level design is absolutely fantastic and the highlight of the entire game. It is not only well realized, but also so incredibly convenient as every level and obstacle here can be beaten, but most just by a margin due to some excellent designs and timing they put through. The timing is crucial for the game to the point of being too important as the overwhelming emphasis on that aspect instead of the skill itself was unfortunate.

Cloudberry Kingdom is a flawed game because it isn’t very creative or original, save for some interesting game mechanics from time to time. And the plot is typical with the characters being forgettable. The sound during those cut scenes is just too low as it isn’t synchronized with the rest of the game. And speaking of sound, the score is quite poor and easily the worst aspect of the game. It is basically angry, overloud club music which I was never a fan of and although some themes were okay, most were too loud and obnoxious and just put me at unease.

The character design is odd, but the graphics isn’t bad for an indie game and is perfectly passable, but you shouldn’t have high expectations for it. The game is mostly coherent and I loved the fact that it progressively got harder as these game usually don’t have a great balance of difficulty, but here it is mostly well handled. Because the game is so frustratingly difficult, its short running time can be said to be a positive thing.

The game is masochistic to the point of being too much at times, but I mostly liked that approach and I especially loved how short the levels were as that made the game all the more fast-paced and approachable.  Cloudberry Kingdom is too repetitive and predictable in its later levels, but I liked its traditional feel and its level design and difficulty level worked well for me. It is an infuriating, but still addictive and brief game.

Cloudberry Kingdom is a very flawed game. The graphics and score are mediocre and it can be too repetitive at times, but the gameplay is mostly fantastic due to incredibly difficult  but satisfying obstacles, superb level design and some finely incorporated game mechanics that enhance the experience wonderfully. It is repetitive and problematic, but addictive and short and one of the hardest games there is.

My Rating – 3.7


Once Upon a Time Season 4 (2014)

Once Upon a Time Season 4

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Review

The fourth season of Once Upon a Time is the weakest thus far due to its many big problems, but it still remains an immensely entertaining and fun show.

As in season three, it is split into two arcs with the first being ‘Frozen’ related and the second being about the Author and the three new villains. The first arc is based on the film ‘Frozen’ and yes, that is totally a marketing goal to cache in on the success of the property. But what I liked about it is that they stayed true to the original movie in spirit and characters, but still did not rehash it as the story takes place after the events of the movie. I really liked that approach. Elsa is very well realized here and Anna is a mixed bag. She is too heroic in my opinion and some of her spunk is lost in this adaptation with her humor being mediocre at times, but she’s still mildly funny from time to time and she is always adorable and has a great interaction with other characters. Georgina Haig and especially Elizabeth Lail are so stupendous in their roles and perfectly fit their characters. They became live-action Elsa and Anna and that was wonderful to witness.

Kristoff is a bit annoying here as his humor is also off-putting for the most part. But Ingrid I really liked as a new villain. She isn’t really a villain in the end, but I loved her struggle and although Once Upon a Time is concerned with family issues too much up to this point, her struggles and her more calm and subtle character is still different than usual and her conclusion is so heartbreaking and executed wonderfully and is the highlight of this first half of the season. Hans was really bad, but the backstory of the sisters is phenomenal and one of the highlights here. I liked Grand Pabbie as he is very well realized due to some improved special effects, but the mystery about their parents and their journey is so well realized and done in such a nice tone. But Arendelle is still small and did not present much storytelling possibilities and the way they tied each and every character is so sloppy and forced. Also, this half lasts for too much and is frankly boring at times with a couple of ridiculous and just plain silly scenes as well. It is sometimes engaging and intriguing plus the characters are well realized, but this is still a marketing ploy and the forced and slow nature of it robs it of its momentum.

The second half of the season is probably better due to its more entertaining stories and overall fun tone. It starts with a bang and ends on such an intriguing new path, but some of its middle parts were either obvious or rushed. I really loved how it started with Rumpel joining forces with the three witches. That team up was great and highly needed. Maleficent is good here and her problems are well realized and I liked that it brought the much needed development for Snow and Charming. They finally explained why they are always so obnoxiously positive and good which is great. It is fantastic when the creators of the show explain something while tying it well into the existing story, but unfortunately they rarely do that due to their sloppy and rushed storytelling and production of the episodes. And that is why for the most part the series is forced in connections and contrived, but this was one good exception. Ursula is unfortunately poor and the weakest link here. I disliked that they gave her Ariel’s story and treatment and the inclusion of Poseidon was disappointing. That is the most unfortunate development here, but was expected. They basically introduced these three new villains and all of them except Cruella are not evil at all and they got rid of them pretty quickly once they did their backstories. That was expected and so poorly done as the three were so good that I expected more from them and I dislike the modern tendency to make villains more like antiheroes and I miss pure villains.

Speaking of Cruella, she is fantastic as she is the only true villain and purely evil character. She is so much fun and so delightfully campy and theatrical while also being a fantastic recreation of the animated character. But the overall treatment of ‘101 Dalmatians’ was poor to me. Isaac as the Author is a disappointing character, but the apprentice is much better. I loved those ‘Fantasia‘ nods with the hat and the music plus Chernabog is very well put to use. The whole Marian subplot and triangle annoyed me and the fact that Emma and Regina are obviously behaving like a couple, but aren’t is frustrating. It is so unfortunate that the creators aren’t brave enough to go into that obvious direction.

I liked that they brought back August, Lily is an interesting but for now criminally underused character and Robin Hood is still not one of my favorites. Will Scarlet is pointless, but what they did with Belle is excellent and how she dealt with Rumpel and finally acted cleverly is fantastic and that was highly needed. Rumpelstiltskin is too much of a villain here in my opinion, but his character is still so strong as Robert Carlyle continues to bring it with his performance. Hook is unfortunately boring in this season as he became too good and too underused, but thankfully the Charmings got better and they got some needed development. Regina is wonderful and continues to be one of my favorite characters and I loved the fact that she is purely good now and that they didn’t bring her again to the dark side as that would have been annoying. Emma is also pretty good and the relationship between the two is so endearing and is the heart of this season.

The pacing continues to be all over the place whereas the effects improved a bit from earlier seasons. The dialogue is so weak in this season and that bothered me as the endless repeat of catchphrases and the use of the phrase happy endings is incredibly annoying. The acting continues to be OUAT’s strong point as well as some character development, but the script is problematic and too sappy and forced at times. The first arc is dragged whereas the second one is rushed. The finale was interesting and very entertaining in its silliness and I love when the show embraces its campiness and ridiculousness with a lot of humor and fun. I would love if the episodes were more like that. The endless theme of family is tired up to this point and the show is getting stuffed with too many new characters and convoluted storylines. They should go the simple route in the next season and I would like that much more.

But overall Once Upon a Time Season 4 is the weakest thus far with some forced and sappy connections, a tired family theme, a boring first half and rushed second half plus it has too many characters, but it also has many entertaining new stories and wonderfully developed and especially superbly cast characters with great performances and a great sense of fun present in some episodes. It has its many problems, but it’s still a solid and fun season.


Worst Episodes: A Tale of Two Sisters, White Out, Breaking Glass, Family Business, Fall and Heart of Gold.
Best Episodes: The Snow Queen, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Enter the Dragon, Lily and Operation Mongoose, Part 2.

My Rating – 4


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Review

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a 1973 animated television special and the tenth entry in the Peanuts series. It is flawed, but has its moments.

Charlie Brown gets Snoopy and Woodstock to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for Peppermint Patty and others whom she herself invited. I found the plot to be solid, but the execution is weak. The first half is very slow and boring with many dragged or uneventful scenes. Snoopy and Woodstock are boring at first as well. However, their second scene, though extended, is quite charming and a fun and endearing way to end the special.

Charlie Brown has his moments as well, but it is Peppermint Patty who absolutely shines here in one of her best roles. She is so funny from time to time and some of the scenes between the two were super cute and amusing. I liked the dinner scene, the preparation was okay and the whole third act is pretty good as well. But something I felt was missing here and that definitely is the humor which is dry or just not there. This is one of the most straight Charlie Brown specials with the fewest jokes which is why it is so disappointing and unfortunately the weakest entry thus far.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving has its endearing moments and fine character interactions, but it is disappointing because it’s too slow and lacks humor.

My Rating – 3.3


The Danish Girl (2015)

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl Review

The Danish Girl is a 2015 biographical drama film directed by Tom Hooper and starring Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander. It is quite a good, tragic movie.

It tells the true tale of the first ever transsexual woman and it follows her coming out, her relationship with her wife and her eventual sex reassignment surgery, first ever of its kind. Now, first of all, I really liked this movie and even though it definitely has its evident flaws, I still think it’s quite good and even underrated. What are those flaws? Well, the film is about Lily, but tells her story from the point of view of the wife which is super frustrating to me as Lily should be the focus here. I liked the wife’s struggles and it was all well done, but I still wanted more of Lily. Also, the film is too traditional and despite incorporating full frontal nudity in it which was okay considering the subject matter, it is still too old-fashioned and at times quite dated with its views. It shows us the society of the twenties and of course back then there was not only a lot of prejudice, but also a lot of uncertainty over gender identity even with doctors themselves. That was all very realistically portrayed, but the film becomes like that itself at times with an inaccurate portrayal of trans people as it doesn’t quite shows us that Lily was always Lily inside, but somewhat became her later on which is not true and very problematic.

Now with that out of the way, there is a lot to like here. I loved the character development as Lily is so well realized and such a tragic figure. I loved that heartbreaking ending that really put me in a sad mood how tragic it was. It ended on a wonderfully poignant note. Gerda is also phenomenal and I loved the relationship between the two, first as a married couple, then as true friends. I also liked Hans as he was so likable and such a good person. But what I liked the most in The Danish Girl is how feminine and artistic it is. It truly shows us what it means to be a woman and everything it comes with it. The endless nods to femininity are wonderfully realized and the film is very artistic from time to time with some great technical aspects to it. I loved that it is very realistic in its portrayal of 1920s society and I loved the character interactions, relationships and it has a big heart.

The acting is fantastic. Eddie Redmayne gave one of the best performances of the year and he is absolutely amazing as both a man and a woman here. He became Lily and his devotion to the role is evident from his expressive facial expressions to his moves and talk. Such a terrific performance. However, Alicia Vikander gave as great a performance as Redmayne himself which is so commendable. She is absolutely fantastic and she sold every emotional scene she had here and delivered a strong, layered performance that is also one of the best female performances of the year. Matthias Schoenaerts is also really good. The acting really drives this movie.

The Danish Girl is a technically polished picture with solid direction from Tom Hooper and quite good pacing. But the costume design is exquisite, the film has some wonderfully artistic sensibilities and it has some superb imagery as it’s so well shot. The score is also quite good, but the tone is too melodramatic and some humor was needed to ease the tension. The film sometimes goes into overly maudlin territory. The dialogue I really liked as it was grounded in reality and perfectly believable. It moves at a good pace and is always moving and engaging to watch. This real life story was made for a film treatment and it received a good one. I really enjoyed this movie on multiple levels despite some of its evident shortcomings.

It received four Academy Award nominations, all of which highly deserved. The production design is excellent and the costumes in particular are fantastic and of the year’s best. As for its acting accolades, both Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander are definitely deserving as they are both superb, but the inclusion of her in the supporting category is ridiculous having in mind her immense screen time. That was odd. But overall the film deserved those nods and is a bit underrated in my opinion.

The Danish Girl does have its flaws including sometimes too traditional and a bit inaccurate approach and some too melodramatic moments, but the film is so well acted with Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander both delivering powerhouse performances, it is also moving and mostly realistic, but above all it adapts its important real life story in a good way and with a lot of artistic flair to it.

My Rating – 4


Jerry’s Diary (1949)

Jerry's DiaryJerry’s Diary Review

Jerry’s Diary is a 1949 animated short that is the 45th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is one of the worst entries in the series thus far.

Tom goes to give a present to Jerry because it is “Be Kind to Animals” week. He finds the mouse’s diary and reads the entries in which he always lost. Then Jerry arrives and Tom throws the pie he initially wanted to give him to his face. Now, frankly I loved that ending and it was a great way to end the story and Jerry’s shrug is excellent. I loved Tom’s angry outbursts and the radio plot point is solidly executed.

However, although they chose some of the best fights from the best cartoons, this is still filler which is why the entire episode felt odd and pointless to me. They basically rehashed their previous stories and put them together into one episode. That is so lazy and just ridiculous. And they do take too much running time which is why this is problematic as the plot itself had the potential for greatness. Those are all the reasons why this is one of the worst Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Jerry’s Diary is one of the worst entries in the series that does have its moments, but is mostly a boring and pointless filler.

My Rating – 3


The Revenant (2015)

The Revenant

The Revenant Review

The Revenant is a 2015 western film directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. It is an awful movie and one of the worst that I have ever seen.

I hated this movie so much. Everything about it is awful to me. The characters are mediocre, the plot is so bad and the violence is horrendous and the film is filled with so many stupidities. First of all, the story. This is a basic and typical western which is just brutal and tries to be more realistic. Tries is the key word here. The two characters are basically a hero and a villain, there is no gray areas here, everything is so simplistic and childish to the point of being head-scratching. Another bad aspect here are some of its plot points which are just ridiculously bad and even unintentionally hilarious. The bear sequence immediately comes to mind as it’s so funny. But the whole sadistic approach to is storytelling is just unforgivable and also silly. There isn’t a person that survived that many misfortunes as the protagonist here, that is just so unrealistic for a movie that wants to be realistic. It is silly, ridiculous and definitely produces some unintentionally amusing moments.

Hugh Glass is a boring character and he is basically a martyr here. But John Fitzgerald is even worse as he is basically a cartoony villain that is just evil for the sake of being evil. That is why this film is so immature and ridiculous. As for its acting, I honestly think that the film fails even in that regard. Tom Hardy gave a mediocre performance and Leonardo DiCaprio is just so-so. This film is an evident Oscar-bait which is one of the endless reasons why it frustrated and annoyed me so much as it is so evident with every frame, but mostly in his performance. I just saw an actor who wants a medal and nothing else, but in reality, he gave a so-so performance – sometimes okay, but mostly mediocre and there were instances where I could see that he was an actor and that is never a good sign. This is one of his worst roles also because he just does not fit in it. I could never picture him in this role because he isn’t a strong person physically and just doesn’t strike me like that. The acting is so-so and the casting director did a bad job here.

Of course, I have to talk about the violence. The Revenant is just a sickening experience, there is no other way to describe it. And because the running time is naturally bloated, I felt as if I was on a similarly cruel journey as DiCaprio’s character. The film is so disgusting with some scenes just being horrible to witness. I couldn’t even watch half of it. That’s how sick it is. There is rape here, there are some unfortunate offensive aspects to it and there is a bear attack, a bloody fight and endless misfortunes of the main characters are just a torture to sit through. Only a sadist could make and love this piece of shit.

There isn’t anything good that I can say about The Revenant, honestly there isn’t. Everything here is terrible. The imagery can be beautiful at times, but it doesn’t work as we don’t see it that well because the cinematography is naturally bad as is usual for Inarritu’s films. Speaking of him, the directing is so bad and the movie never has a point or a message or anything even remotely deep or interesting to say. It doesn’t know what it wants to be except a sadistic torture excursion. The score is also bad as some of those overly repeated sounds really annoyed me. The dialogue is also very poor as it isn’t even present here that much, but when it’s there, it’s simplistic and childish. There isn’t anything original about it and the film is emotionally cold. It is also stupid and ridiculous in its nature. The humor is great, but it is unintentional. And the film is overly long and so badly edited and paced. It received 12 Academy Award nominations and a solid critical praise which is baffling to me as this is the only awful movie that is not just bad to me, but I also cannot understand how anyone can like it and still call him/herself a film critic. This is just an indescribably terrible movie that is one of the worst films I have seen in my entire life!

The Shitenant has a bad and pointless plot, horrible direction, mediocre black-and-white characters, so-so acting, poor cinematography, an endless amount of stupidity in it and a sickening amount of violence that makes it unbearable to watch. The only good thing in this movie is its unintentional humor which is so good. This is a painful experience that is basically a sadistic torture excursion plus the sheer amount of stupidity present here is just astonishing. It is a terrible, ridiculous, sickening garbage movie that is one of the worst I have ever seen.

My Rating – 1


Adventures of Popeye (1935)

Adventures of Popeye Adventures of Popeye Review

 Adventures of Popeye is a 1935 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is one of the weirdest Popeye shorts for sure.

This is a very authentic picture. It starts and ends in live-action which is interesting. A kid is being bullied and Popeye comes out of the comic strip and, by showing the kid his earlier adventures, teaches him to fight back his oppressor. Now, of course this is a filler episode which is definitely a problem. And they should have picked some better shorts, most are great, but not all are. And they last for too long and of course the running time is bloated.

But everything else works here and especially those live-action sequences that are fantastic. The kid is so good and the mix of live-action and animation in the last scene is phenomenal. The film also starts on a strong note and instantly made me interested in the story. Adventures of Popeye is stylistically very inventive and refreshingly new and that is its strongest point.

Adventures of Popeye is basically a filler, but such a good one because the use of live-action is so interesting and the mix is greatly executed and so unique.

 My Rating – 3.7